Oh my goodness …

22/06/2014 § Leave a comment

just look who’s curled up on one of my quilts!

Annabelle and her quilt

Annabelle and her quilt

Baby Annabelle came into this world just over a week ago.  Her arrival was eagerly awaited by her lovely Mum and Dad and, strangely enough, by me!  We’re not related, but Annabelle’s Dad took a shine to one of my quilts many months ago, when he spied them on my stall in Winchester, way back on a windswept day in March.  We got chatting and then Annabelle’s Mum asked me to send her some photos of one very pretty quilt that had caught his eye.  It was a quilt that I’d called ‘Cariad’ – Welsh for beloved.

Cariad Quillt


Cariad Quillt

Cariad Quillt

I’d designed this quilt especially for a little girl – but I had no idea who she’d be.  I kept Cariad to one side until Annabelle arrived – if she’d turned out to be a little boy then we’d have had to have a rethink!  I added an embroidered name label with her birthday, on the day following her arrival, so she’ll always know it’s her special quilt.  It was with great joy that I rocked her in my arms when she was handed to me for a cuddle last Thursday morning, as I handed over the quilt to her proud parents.





Isn’t she absolutely beautiful?  I may have to borrow her for some quilt photoshoots as she grows up.  She could become the ‘face of Adaliza Quilts – now there’s an idea!

Thank you so much A’s Mum and Dad for allowing me to show the photos here on my blog and for the lovely testimonial they wrote:

“We bought our quilt as a special keepsake for our newborn baby girl, and it really is something she will be able to treasure forever. The care and creativity that has gone into the quilt is astounding and it really brightens up the nursery. Adaliza also really cared about making sure the quilt was right for us and her communication throughout was brilliant.”

“It was my pleasure. Cuddle up, Annabelle.  Keep warm and snug, little one!”

Adaliza x


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