No bag like an old bag …

08/08/2014 § 4 Comments

on Wednesday, my shoulder bag was snatched from the back seat of our car.

There was only a 5-minute window of time between the time I parked in our drive and took some groceries into our home, and my return to the car for a 2nd bag of shopping, when I locked the car.

An opportunist thief, no doubt.  There happened to be quite a number of people working outside on engineering works in the road at the time but they’ve now left so I haven’t been able to ask them if they saw anyone enter our front garden.  How do I feel?  Well, actually I’m a bit fed up about it – the bag was a convenient canvas summer shoulder bag that I’ve had for a couple of years, my purse had under a pound in change though the coin purse itself was a tiny little red Radley one which I bought in Cardiff a while ago, £10 note – cashback that I’d just put in there from the supermarket, a red polka dot card wallet – complete with cards (now all stopped) and a necklace that I’m a bit upset about as Himself bought it for me when we were on holiday in Porthleven.  Fortunately the jeweller is still working in the village, so it can be replaced.  No heirlooms, no wealth, no treasures lost but a fair amount of inconvenience.

I thought I was really careful with my bag – it’s always zipped, I never carry much cash, I wear it across my shoulder rather than over it and a moment’s relaxation, when we returned from an unexciting trip to a local supermarket, has given someone the opportunity to snatch it away.

To tell the truth, I don’t feel that bothered.  Compared with other stuff that goes on in life, a lost shoulder bag isn’t a major event. I’m sad that someone feels the need to take my belongings though.  What a waste of time – phone calls to stop cards, trips to the bank if I actually want some cash before the replacement cards arrive, police time – a lovely young policewoman came over yesterday morning and was here for an hour taking my statement before visiting all our neighbours to see if they’d seen anything.

The response from our neighbours has been lovely.  Several have popped by to say they’ve heard and are sorry – how on earth did that happen here, in our quiet road, while we were all going about our daily business as usual?

Never mind – I’m told thieves do it ‘for the buzz’ quite often.  For the thrill of being able to, rather than for rich pickings.

If I ever get to meet him/her I’ll definitely let them know I’m ‘NOT THRILLED’!!!!!

Back to my patchwork quilts.

Adaliza x


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§ 4 Responses to No bag like an old bag …

  • hawknitr13 says:

    I’m so sorry…yes, there are really crummy people in this world. You’ve got a really good attitude about it!


  • Sarah says:

    So sorry to hear your bag was stolen. How many more of us have done exactly what you did without even imaging something like that could happen! Sarah x


  • Oh no, what a pain! Well I always like to think ‘what goes around, comes around’ they’ll get their comeuppance! Do you live in Winchester, I alway pictured you in Cornwall in my head. (That’s because your by the sea in your picture, lol)

    Gosh you’ve made sooo many quilts! You are working flat out aren’t you. Don’t you worry that by closing your order book to make for the Christmas fair you might lose out? After all orders are a definite sale or are you pretty sure you’ll sell all your quilts at a fair? It’s a difficult one isn’t it.
    Yes I am very busy, Arti in the Pen this weekend, then Staithes Festival of Art (pop up galleries in all the cottages in the seaside village for a whole weekend) and 12 days later Yarndale! All this on top of supplying 2 galleries…I think I’ve bitten off more than I can chew this year, lol. I certainly won’t be booking as many fairs next year, but then that was what this year was about, testing the water so to speak. One of the gallery owners keeps worrying that I’ll burn myself out, lol. I must admit I feel a bit singed around the edges sometimes, teehee! But it’s all good 🙂

    Keep up the good work, you put me to shame.
    love Fi x


  • adaliza says:

    Lovely to hear from you – yes, I’m in Winchester but my toes are always in the sea somewhere between Cornwall and my ‘home’ in Wales! I reckon we’re both just about up to our necks in it this year – like you, I’m testing the water. I think next year I’ll do one regular market in my favourite local market town, the occasional market in Winchester and maybe just one big fair – we’ll have to see how it goes at Christmas. Enjoy your fairs – I think the amount of fun I’m having with fabrics is therapeutic and cancels out the pressure. Hopefully – Az x


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