Love Jigsaws?

03/09/2014 § 3 Comments

Try it as a jigsaw – here

Gypsy Rose Blanket 2012

Gypsy Rose Blanket 2012

I’ve just discovered this website called Jigzone and couldn’t resist uploading a photo and making my own online jigsaw.  Have fun – I thought it was quite difficult! Can you beat the 8 minutes it took me to complete it?  What do you think?  Let me know and I’ll do another one.

Adaliza x

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§ 3 Responses to Love Jigsaws?

  • knotrune says:

    I do love jigsaws, thanks (slightly addicted in fact) 🙂 and this is a site I haven’t tried yet. I did beat your time and then did it again as the little Escher style lizards! So cool. Yes please to more crochet jigsaws 🙂 and now I’m off to do another one…


  • adaliza says:

    Well done! Maybe a quilt next time? I’ll make a complicated one and then photograph it specially!

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  • I’m completely useless at these sort of things but did? I love the blanket however


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