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02/10/2014 § Leave a comment

It’s been one of those weeks.

Since returning from Wales and riding that little horse, things seem to be running a bit out of sync here.  Himself has had an accident on his bike – a whizzy electric bike that means he can get around town without using the car.  As accidents go, it didn’t seem too bad at the time and nobody else was involved but he toppled over and is SO badly bruised – absolutely black and purple, not even black and blue at this stage and it’s been a week.  His leg looks like something from a horror movie.

Other messy property stuff to deal with has meant that we’ve been quite pre-occupied and I haven’t felt much like creating anything.  Isn’t it strange how that creative vibe disappears if body and soul are not calm.  My usual sewing times have been interrupted, I don’t seem to have time to design and I haven’t finished a quilt for 2 weeks.

I’m hoping that yesterday evening was a turning point though.  I rather excitedly drove off to Medstead WI to give a talk all about Patchwork & Quilting – my style.  What a wonderful evening – I hope the members of the group enjoyed it as much as I did – such lovely people to meet and chat to.  I took along about 30 quilts with me and talked to my presentation that had SO many photos of quilts!  Thank you for a lovely evening, Medstead and especially to the lady who helped me out with a dilemma.


I took along half-finished quilt along to show what a quilt sandwich looks like.  These fabrics have been worked up into a fairly complex patchwork and I couldn’t think of a name for the quilt.  Usually, as I complete larger quilts, they sort of name themselves.  This one has been nameless – until last night.  “Vintage Violet” was suggested and it fits perfectly.

So I shall attempt to rediscover my mojo today, as October sweeps Autumn’s cloak of gold across the trees, and get on with quilting Vintage Violet ready for the Retro Market in Winchester on Sunday.

Do you love the Autumn?  I’ve always thought it’s my favourite season, but this summer may just have changed my mind!  I’d love to know your thoughts.

Adaliza x

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