Heading for the light …

07/01/2015 § 3 Comments

Mother Duck has been on a mission to update some of the lamps and lights.  There’s been lots of activity in the kitchen around the ceiling light but I don’t think it’s quite finished yet.  Belle tells me that all the lamps have been moved around indoors and new lampshades seem to have appeared but knowing Mother Duck as I do, I suspect she’s been busy reworking them.  Here’s a sneaky peek …

glam up the kitchen

glam up the kitchen

I heard Mother Duck telling her friend about this lamp – it was brass and cost £2!  Then she spray painted the lamp base and found a bargain silk shade in town.  She’s added dangly, sparkly crystals and some cherry red velvet ric-rac braid to bring it all together.  Looks pretty good alongside her very own Adaliza Patchwork Quilts calendar and a spray painted brass horse.  Nice touch, MD!

Recovered shade - linen with horses

Recovered shade – linen with horses

Now that’s a classy lampshade if ever I saw one (and I can just see it if I stand on tippy webbed feet and stretch my neck up to peek into the lounge).  The old shade was a dull, cream colour and now it looks a million dollars – well done MD.

And finally …

Kaffe Fassett fabric

Kaffe Fassett fabric

Well, that is stunning.  What amazing fabric.  I’d quite like a little lamp like that in my duck-house.  I wonder whether, if I quack nicely, she’ll make me one?

Mother Duck says she might pop in to say hello over here, tomorrow.  Maybe that new kitchen light fitting that she’s been working so hard on creating will be ready for photographs.

In the meantime – have a quiet, quacky Thursday.

Flora Puddleduck x

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§ 3 Responses to Heading for the light …

  • Roxanne Smart says:

    Hello there, Flora,

    Greet Mother Duck for me and tell her how much I ;enjoy her blog, which I learned of via Kristin Nicholas.

    My heart was heavy when I learned of the loss of MD’s beloved, as I also have experienced that same emptiness. It takes time to heal but that too, will come.

    I live in the USA and am the guardian of 12 “puddleducks” which hang out in my two-acre-pond, one of which is a Magpie, as are you. In recent months they have been joined by an injured Canada Goose which has found sanctuary here.

    The work here is endless, as I live on a small farm, heat my cottage with wood and raise a large garden, the bounty of which I preserve.

    . My passion (when I can find the time) is knitting, although I appreciate other needlecrafts.

    Once a week I gather with a stalwart group of ladies as we sew “quilts”, more properly classified as utilitarian comforters. We make 300-400 a year, along with baby layettes, health kits, school kits, backpacks, etc.which are distributed globally to the needy.

    The lamps/shades are quite wonderful and surely will help to “lighten” one’s heart. The Kaffe Fasset fabric shade is fabulous!

    I absolutely enjoy MD’s photos and hope she keeps sewing, quilting, crocheting and knitting. Good luck with the kitchen light fixture. Roxanne


  • adaliza says:

    Lovely to ‘meet’ you. Wow – that’s a lot of quilts to make in a year. Thank you for your kind words – I’m finding creating is great therapy at the moment though some times it’s very hard. Flora sends a quack to all your webbed-foot creatures. Az x


  • downbytheseadorset.blogspot,co,uk says:

    Wow those lamp shades are gorgeous and the one bought for £2 was a bargain! Mother Duck has so much talent! Sarah x


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