A festival of light and love …

09/01/2015 § 5 Comments

Hello – I’m popping by
to relieve Flora of blogging duties for the day!

I’ve loved hearing from so many of you, via comments and emails, that you like hearing from Flora – she really is a remarkable little Puddleduck and has found her quacky blogging voice as well as her way around the keyboard with ease!  I’ve been very happy to hand over to her.

However, today I thought I’d pop by to say Thank You and Hello and to let you in on something that I’ve been working on.  Blame the Interior Design Challenge back numbers that I found on an obscure TV channel just before Christmas.  My daughter *C* has banned me from watching future episodes!  I just loved the way the designrs attacked everything with glue and staple guns and transformed mundane pieces of furniture and lights along the way.  My first ventures were the 2 chairs – the little Ercol rocker and the French style chair with subsequently reupholstered footstool …

Ercol rocking chair and revamped French-style chair and footstool

Ercol rocking chair and revamped French-style chair and footstool

Then the lamps followed, as Flora has already shared with you in her previous post.  Whether my motto for the year ‘Onwards and Upwards – I’m heading for the light’ is already having a great influence on my life I’m not sure, but suffice to say that light fittings and lamps have been quaking at my approach!

The kitchen light was definitely due for the ‘treatment’.  In the kitchen itself, 3 spotlights are usefully angled towards the worktops and breakfast bar but over the dining table,  a large ikea pendant gondola light has been hanging like a spaceship, for the past 10 years.  I decided to do something unadventurous with the light fitting itself – I just removed a huge glass oval spaceship dome and left the gondola looking rather bare and far too bright when lit up (I’m a great fan of soft, subtle lighting).  As I strolled around town one day before Christmas, I’d stopped to admire and take a snap of a window display in a dress shop …

Christmas window display

Christmas window display

Wow – ideas started popping into my head and THEN … shortly after Christmas, I was passing down the High Street once again and it was being dismantled!  The lovely window dresser promised me the wave frames, and I merrily marched through Winchester with my trophy – gathering some very strange looks along the way!

I didn’t want ribbons, and one set of 3 frames was hastily resprayed in cherry red (to match that new kitchen lamp)!  Then, thanks to another window display of beads and crystal trims from about 6 years ago, that’s been boxed up and awaiting a bright idea, I set to work.  I ran up a bit of bunting – as you do; threaded tiny baubles and hearts; invested in wire cutters and rawl plugs, screws and glue sticks and off I went.  It took quite a few days but here’s the result and I love it.  I’ve called it …

The Festival of Light and Love ceiling light!







It’s so incredibly pretty – sort of whimsical and enchanted and it sparkles all day long even when the light isn’t on as it reflects light from the little lamps and fairy lights that adorn various tables and shelves.

Do you like it?  I’m just about to switch on the kitchen lights now, as dusk falls and Flora’s supper needs to be prepared.  She’ll be back to blog for you very soon.

Lots of love

Adaliza x

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§ 5 Responses to A festival of light and love …

  • This is awesome Val! I will share w my readers.



  • downbytheseadorset.blogspot,co,uk says:

    I caught some of those Interior Design programmes over Christmas I wished it had got me inspired to make changes too! I suppose everything looks different in the new surroundings so I am not bored with it yet! You must have had some very strange looks walking through Winchester! Your light is so pretty and unique. I love all the decorations on it! Sarah x


  • adaliza says:

    Thank You – lovely to hear from you Az x


  • adaliza says:

    Thank You – the childrens’ reactions have been hilarious!!! They think I’m losing the plot!!!!! I really do love it though – makes me smile, it’s so pretty.


  • Nancy S says:

    It’just lovely. Kind of reminds me of my living room lamp which I hung berry garland, bead garlands and ornaments in a haphazard way.
    Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.


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