Upwards …

28/10/2015 § 3 Comments

My motto for this year has been
Onwards & Upwards

well, it’s all happening here …







Trevor-the-builder is being assisted by my son J1 who does a lot of shifting stuff (as he puts it)! He says he’s going to start a business and call it ‘A to B Logistics’!!!!!  One afternoon he single-handedly carted over 500 tiles up to the top of the scaffold.

Whilst Trevor-the-builder is doing master-craftsman work within the new walls, J1 is also transforming the garden – new cabin, veg plots and paths are taking shape.  It’s wonderful to see our much loved home having a face-lift.

I’ll show you around the inside very soon – the bijou bathroom is going to be a picture with the unlikely addition of patchwork – naturally!  You’ll have to wait and see – Trevor-the-builder will be cracking on with it tomorrow!

Flora isn’t sure …


 She’s quite defensive about the invasion of her garden space by these Size 12’s!

Onwards …

Adaliza x

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§ 3 Responses to Upwards …

  • Laura from beautiful West Michigan says:

    How fun and probably frustrating all wrapped up into one event! Can’t wait to see the finished.


  • Sarah says:

    It is going onwards and upwards. Hope it isn’t creating too much dust and Flora is enjoying a bit of peace over the weekend! Sarah x


  • adaliza says:

    Flora’s very pleased to have free run of the garden – she’s banned from the patio during the week in case of falling debris!


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