Worth the wait …

24/02/2016 § 6 Comments

This morning it was still there, wrapped around my home just waiting for me to walk into a pole, bang my head and spoil my view – I really don’t like scaffolding!


then, when I returned from a short but necessary excursion …


Ta Dah!

Unveiled on a beautiful sunny winter’s morning and at last I can enjoy the new extension clad in a horizontal cloak of weatherboard that’s both practical and pleasing.  There’s a Juliet balcony to be fitted tomorrow but it wouldn’t fit behind the scaffold poles so we’ve had to wait until the structure was removed.  I’m SOooo pleased with it.  Absolutely thrilled!

Cedral weatherboard cladding

There’s Trevor-the-Builder doing some sawing for the new raised platform and steps that he’s constructing for the outside of the new back door – it’s a stable door and I can’t tell you how excited I am about that too …

new back door

You can see the problem I’d have getting in or out of it at the moment!

When I opened the studio curtains this morning, this was my view from the studio…


and now …


                  see Flora heading off for a waddle down the garden?

such a great view of my garden and the White Birch tree

                       such a great view of my garden and the White Birch tree

and the view from my little office window …


I just love sitting at my desk overlooking the farm and watching the trains speeding back and forth along the line from London through the wooded embankment – there’s something quite magical about movement in a landscape, even if it is engine-driven.  I’m looking forward to capturing a glimpse of the steam engines later in the year.

We’re almost at the end of this long home renovation and extension project.  I needed a ‘project’ and I certainly got one.  I’ve enjoyed it though – very much.  I’ve been involved in every detail and know every inch.  I’ve worked with T-t-B every day for almost 6 months and it’s been a great experience.  His work is immaculate, such attention to detail and he does love working with wood using his old-school boat-building skills to great effect.

I walked outside onto the patio this afternoon and waved my arms around with delight – no scaffolding and SUNSHINE!  YaY!!!!!


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