I promised you seaside …

02/06/2016 § 4 Comments

Well, for me it’s more about harbours and boats than buckets and spades!  After spending wonderfully sunny days at River Cottage at the Spring Fair over the weekend, I spent each evening enjoying a relaxing stroll around Lyme Regis – out along the seafront to the Cobb where the sweeping bay melted into the Jurassic cliffs as the gentle light from the sun’s finale cast rosy shadows on the calm waters.

There’s something about boats that really gets to me – the curve of their beam, clinker planks, vividly coloured fenders, bright decks and jolly hulls.  And then, if you’re lucky you get it twice – with the reflection in the water!

The magnificent green wooden gaffer sailed off late one evening, to catch the tide and miss the on-shore wind that was forecast for overnight.  She’d have made quite a spectacle with her red sails but I missed her lifting her anchor and heading out to sea or coast-hopping around to the next harbour.

Seaside plants and pretty town houses  …


Oh, it was a lovely weekend!

Adaliza x






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§ 4 Responses to I promised you seaside …

  • AUNTIE SHAN says:

    What wonderful Paintings those pics of the mooring chain and the green boat would make… If only I could paint well enough to do them justice!




  • adaliza says:

    Thanks for popping by – a painting did come home with me – I’ll show you in a post very soon! Ax


  • Carol O says:

    Hello, we were in Lyme Regis over the weekend of my birthday in mid May. We were staying in a friend’s small cottage (mates rates😊) near the bottom of Sherbourne Lane which is just above the Mill House that’s in one of your photos. We always love looking at that house and I am intrigued as when we were there the sculpture was a fantastic Fiddler! So has it changed in the space of a couple of weeks..?

    We enjoyed fantastic weather and caught up with some friends who live above the harbour and near the gardens (fantastic location).

    I have very fond memories of our stays in Lyme Regis both as a young child myself and taking our young children there and always enjoy our short breaks back there.

    I’m glad to read that you enjoyed your visit 👍


  • adaliza says:

    I honestly didn’t make notes about the sculpture as my time was so short that evening. I don’t think it was a fiddler though. The Lyme Arts Festival was underway and there was a sculpture trail so maybe it was part of that. I really LOVE Lyme Regis!


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