Red Summer Jewels …

01/07/2016 § 2 Comments

I’m looking after my neighbour’s garden, whilst they’re off on their travels for a few weeks.  There are a couple of perks – firstly, and you’ll be surprised at this – the weather! As it’s raining almost every day, I don’t have to spend a huge amount of time watering their wonderful garden, with colourful flowers in huge pots and their brimming-with-goodness veg plot.  Only the greenhouses need a drink every day or so, as it’s not even that warm during the daytime here.

The other perk is ‘Help yourself to whatever ripens’!  Well now, that’s very kind and obviously I’ll leave everything I can for them to enjoy on their return but yesterday I had to harvest their crop of redcurrants.  They won’t keep on the bushes so I filled freezer bags and popped them into my neighbour’s freezer and kept some for myself …


Oh – the glorious absolute red of these berries.  The way they glisten and positively sparkle – they’re quite magical!

I set about to preserve some of that summer lusciousness and to enjoy some as well …






Firstly, I made a Redcurrant Yoghurt Cake – yummy or what?  The Cake Monster (aka son J2) flew back to the UK yesterday morning and so I’m lucky to find some cake still in the tin to enjoy with a mid-morning cuppa!  Such a simple recipe and those red berries in the middle of the cake give a wonderful sprite flavour. I also mashed some up to make cordial that I enjoyed there and then – refreshing and thirst-quenching.

And then, with long winter evenings in mind, I thought I’d pop some into a bottle of gin, with some sugar, so we can enjoy some festive, rosy G&T’s later in the year.

The kitchen is an absolute joy to work in.  It’s decorated now and I’m delighted with it.  I work hard not to clutter up the cupboards and keep those beautiful work surfaces free from ‘stuff’.  The antique pine dresser (which is in fact a wall-mounted plate rack and separate sideboard) adds a honey-coloured glow against the calm blue feature wall and I love moving my treasures around.  (Wall Paint – Oval Room Blue FB, a tone or two darker than the John Lewis of Hungerford Townhouse Blue base units).



best photo

There’s more to life than kitchens though.  Today would have been my beloved man’s birthday and I’d happily trade everything I own to have him here again beside me.  I’m lucky to have such amazing children and my dear friends who keep me going whatever the weather.  Be positive is a good motto for this year.

Enjoy your weekend

Adaliza x

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