First finishes & breakfast!

06/01/2017 § 6 Comments

When I said that colours keep me happy, I didn’t think it would extend to breakfast!

Yesterday I treated myself to a ‘nutrition blender’ and this morning, my breakfast was green – and surprisingly quite delicious.  As you may know if you’re a regular visitor here, I can’t do recipes, so I gathered together a heap of fruit and some curly kale, added some water and whizzed.  The result was refreshing and as I’d added a spoonful of oatbran, satisfyingly filling too.  Is it a fad?  Well, maybe but I do use all of my kitchen appliances regularly and hope that this one will be a useful addition to the range.

Quilt finishes this week …

A vivacious half-square triangle quilt for my daughter.  It’s certainly colourful and will keep her very warm when she returns from her travels in SE Asia.  She loves bright colours too and she sent me this wonderful photo yesterday …


The 2nd finish of the week goes to a small quilt with hand-pieced hexi’s – Grandmother’s Flower Garden …

I loved spending the quiet evenings throughout the festive season, watching favourite films and hand-piecing all those hexagons together, using lots of offcuts from C’s quilt.  I haven’t done patchwork like that for a very long time indeed!  The result is very pretty and will be a sample piece for one of my workshops.

On Christmas day, I opened two lovely patchwork book presents that are wonderful and inspiring so, whilst in the creative groove I promptly went online and treated myself to a quilt pattern …


Not sure when I’ll fit this in though it may be a whole year-long project.  It’ll definitely be a keeper!!!

How’s the first week of the New Year been for you?  I’ve loved putting up my new calendars and generally having a bit of a tidy up around the place.  A vase of tulips in the kitchen has paved the pathway to Spring, which I’m sure will be upon us in no time.


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§ 6 Responses to First finishes & breakfast!

  • I contemplated buying the Gypsy’s Wife pattern as I love the look of it but I fear if I did it would become overwhelming and I would stop quilting altogether!


  • adaliza says:

    I’m hoping that doesn’t happen. I won’t make it start to finish in one go. It will be a project that I work on bit by bit whilst finishing other quilts & commissions as well. Maybe that’s how it will work, anyway – watch this space!


  • Linda Dutch says:

    Love your colourful HST quilt! I’m 1/2 way through my Gypsy Wife, I love the pattern, but just lost a bit of motivation- am sure I’ll get back to it soon! There’s lots of helpful tips here –


  • adaliza says:

    Thanks so much for popping over – and the link. I’ve just been looking through the pattern. I think it would be too daunting to start and work on till the finish so I plan be doing it very slowly, between other projects. Good luck with yours – do let me know when you’ve completed it and send a photo!


  • All of your colors are great! How fun is that to start off so bright for breakfast! And fun projects!!


  • adaliza says:

    Thanks for popping by. I just LOVE working with colours!


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