2 quilts & the gym

20/01/2017 § 10 Comments

Let’s start with the gym …

I’m not a gym-bunny!  I hate gyms!! I don’t go to the gym – did try it a couple of times, but hated it – all of it.

So when I spied through the winter trees an outdoor gym about half a mile from home, why did I suddenly feel excited?  I did – truly – feel excited.  I love being outdoors, it must come from my upbringing in the country in west Wales – I was outdoors from dawn till dusk – school really did get in the way!  Could an outdoor gym be the answer to my need to ‘up the exercise’?  Well I think maybe it could.  This morning, rather tentatively, my friend and I walked up to the playing field and were delighted to find that the equipment was in the sunshine so last night’s hard frost had melted.  We had huge fun for half an hour, trying out all the different pieces of equipment, chatting and laughing.  Our plan is to pop along a few times a week and see what (if any) difference it makes.  Even if the results aren’t noticeable, I’m sure it will be good for us.  What a great idea this is – everything is free and working well.


Quilt finishes …

Summer in the Park is all finished.  I quilted with generously spaced diagonal lines so the quilt drapes beautifully and added a pink rose border.  This is such a fun method of patchworking and I’m teaching a workshop here at my new studio all about this style of patchwork.  I’m aiming to make another couple of quilts too, as there are many variations when piecing the blocks that give very different effects.

The 2nd quilt finish is a commission and I’m calling this quilt Frosty Foxy although it will actually have the new baby’s name embroidered on it.  He arrived during the early hours of an extremely cold and frosty morning, and as the family live in the countryside, the baby’s auntie who commissioned the quilt, thought it would be good to have some reference to the day of his birth.  I chose cool colours with pops of orange to compliment the crisp blues.

I have a quilt kit present almost cut out to send to my blogging friend in the USA and another quilt that’s in the final stages of piecing.  Patchwork is such a fun hobby – endless variations and designs to play with – and all the colours under the sun!

Have a great weekend.  The weather here is glorious at the moment – hard, frosty nights but wonderfully sunny days – bright blue skies without a cloud to be seen.


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§ 10 Responses to 2 quilts & the gym

  • Sandy says:

    Oh, I think I’d love to come across an outdoor gym! I went to Curves for 3 years before all that were near me closed their doors. I liked that it was an exercise place for women only and it was a friendly atmosphere.


  • TAMMY L STACK says:

    Exercising is so much more fun with a friend at your side. Good luck. Your quilts are very pretty. Happy sewing.


  • Beverly J Kimmel says:

    I love that summer in the park quilt-I will have to try that design, And I would love to join you at the exercise park!


  • adaliza says:

    That would be fun – a bit of a workout in the park and then a workout in the studio! You’d be very welcome!!


  • Alycia C says:

    Love your finishes!! A gym outdoors would be awesome!! You’ll have to keep us posted – I would love something like that I think!


  • adaliza says:

    Will do – hoping for some good results!


  • Sylvia Adair says:

    Very pretty quilts! Such a lucky little baby. I’m not a fan of gyms either, but we do have an outdoor gym in the park. Looks like fun!


  • adaliza says:

    Thanks for popping by. Was just over at your blog – love your quilts. I bought a really cheap wool winder – not electric, just plastic and it’s amazing. There’s a photo of it and the similarly cheap yarn swift towards the end of this post https://adaliza.com/?s=jaunting+to+wales I use it so often and it saves so much time.


  • Brilliant! The equipment suggests play, distraction, which is about the only way I can be lured into deliberate exercise!

    Pretty quilts. You are so productive… (that’s not much of a sentence, I know, but I keep gazing at your work, then can’t think what else to say. I’m simply awestruck.)


  • adaliza says:

    Distraction is definitely the best way when doing exercise. The ‘gym’ is actually really good fun and there’s so much to watch as it’s tucked away close to our local shops. Well camouflaged behind a hedge so we don’t feel too conspicuous and it’s time for a chat and a laugh too! Having said that, we’re not going as often as we’d planned …


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