Keeping a tidy desk …

26/01/2018 § 2 Comments

In my ‘upstairs’ studio, I have a little nook which is my office.  There’s a window with a view out over the roof of my garden studio and I love to sit at my desk, beavering away with emails and officey-type duties whilst watching the birds and trains, dog-walkers up at the farm and ever-changing sky …

jan office view

Tidy isn’t my middle name!  I’m well organised but projects and bits of paper do tend to accumulate on my desk.  I’m a great notebook fan and have so many, it’s the same with pens and sticky notes …

office 2

I forgot to say, pairs of glasses too – so many – everywhere!

For Christmas, my quilting and long-time friend from the States came to visit and brought me a personalised thread-catcher.  I just love it and decided to keep it on my desk and use it as a desk tidy.  Now all my glasses, pens and desk scissors have a home and the transformation of my desk is wonderful (along with some neat stacking of notebooks)!

office 1

Ah, yes – that’s much better.  As you can see, I love to have a few favourite ornaments and jugs around – always horses and sometimes others, full of nostalgia and sentiments.

I thought the thread-catcher was such a good idea, I made some …

I think they’re perfect for any desk or in the hall for keys, on a dresser or just about anywhere as well as in a sewing room.  I’ve enjoyed playing with some of my Janome’s embroidery stitches too!  So these, (and a few more besides) are my finishes for the week.

As you can see, this morning’s sunshine has disappeared but before I head off with the collies for a walk around those fields, my crochet blanket screen saver reminds me that I should post a few catch up photos of my Vintage Rose blanket …

I’m just loving my crochet journey with this blanket.  It has a really quaint vibe and it’s really soft, being pure wools.  I’m still not sure what size it will end up but that’s part of the fun!

Have a lovely weekend – there’s a Corner to Corner Crochet workshop happening here, so there will be lots of yarny chat – and cake!


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