It’s been a long while

28/03/2020 § 3 Comments

since I ventured into my little blog.
A lot has happened but we’ve emerged the other side and into the abyss!

I’m not going to do a long catch up post because life goes on and we plough through.  As my mother used to say “It’s a lot better than the alternative!”  So, in the spirit of staying positive, I thought I’d put out some photos of quilts that I’ve been working on, starting with the most recent – soon to be quilted – Cloud Farm …

Cloud Farm 1

Why Cloud Farm?
Well, I’ve rediscovered my love of jigsaws … I sense your confusion,
but there is a connection …

jigsawRecently, when we used to go out and about and meet people, I gave a WI talk and was thrilled to find, on their Bring and Buy table, a jigsaw of Lynmouth.  Now, I spent every summer holiday there as a child – it was like my 2nd home and I love the village to this day.  I last visited in 2016 and hope to again stroll down Mars Hill and through the little High Street to the Post Office.  The jigsaw captures the 1960’s perfectly – in fact, I can just imagine being there as a 5 year old, with my Dad helping out on the boats and being treated to an ice cream on the quay.

Jigsaws are pure therapy.  They’re a mind-absorbing challenge where music can play in the background and the journey can’t be hurried.  As I delighted in finding piece after piece to fit snugly together, my mind wandered back to childhood days and haunts around the Doone Valley, Brendon Farm and Oare Church.  I recalled sitting in the back of our little blue VW Beetle, driven by Dad, and seeing the sign for Cloud Farm.  Who wouldn’t love to live on a farm called Cloud Farm!

So, there’s the connection.  I was planning a quiet, peaceful, tranquil quilt and yesterday, when I’d finished piecing the rows together, I stepped out into bright sunshine with just one distant cloud and the name came to me.  This quilt, when it’s finished, will be one of the many reminders of this strange time that we’re living through and a perfect day, happy childhood memories and will be named Cloud Farm.

Hope you’re finding absorbing, creative pastimes to occupy you and reliving happy memories and making plans for future jaunts, when the time is right.

Adaliza x

Lynmouth Visit  2014
Lynmouth Visit 2016

§ 3 Responses to It’s been a long while

  • Nice to hear how you are doing. I think puzzles are having a bit of a revival these days. Lovely new quilt too. Best wishes from Massachusetts!


  • adaliza says:

    Hi Kristen – I’ve been watching your lambing season and all your knits. Inspiring stuff! Thanks for getting in touch – love to you and your family Ax


  • Anne Marie Bundy says:

    Hi Hope you are well, Miss having classes with you Hope to hear from you when all this scary stuff is going on. Take care Love Annemarie Xxxxx

    Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


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