Layer Cake Quilt

30/03/2020 § 1 Comment

Today I started a new quilt.
Cloud Farm is all pieced together, with borders added and is just waiting for me to make a quilt sandwich and decide upon a quilting pattern but today I felt like doing something new and I was drawn to my stock of Layer Cakes (10″ squares).

Lewis & Irene used to do beautiful Scrumptious Squares packs (same as a Layer Cake 42 x 10″ squares).  Unfortunately they’re not doing them any more but I have quite a lot of them waiting to be made into quilt kits and today – a quilt …4

I love these retro designs and the colours are awesome – this one is called Hanns House.


Cutting 2.25″ from each edge and then swapping them around between 2 squares was pretty but I got a bit bored (after 2 blocks), and decided to add in different corners.  I can’t wait to see the effect of this when I start piecing the blocks together.

I’ve made 12 blocks, at a very leisurely pace today and aim to make a 6 x 7 block quilt although I’ll have to mix in a few other fabrics as I cut a couple of blocks out incorrectly – silly me!  Never mind, though I did grumble under my breath a bit.

A parcel arrived on my doorstep this morning – a brown paper-wrapped parcel containing 3 American jigsaw puzzles and WOW are they pretty.  I’ve long collected calendars and the odd print from Jane Wooster Scott – her folk art country scenes are just delightful.  I simply couldn’t resist Patchwork Sampler Jigsaw when I found it on ebay from a British seller (US postage is prohibitively expensive) …

Patchwork Sampler Jane Wooster Scott

Now I have to make a HUGE decision – patchwork, this jigsaw or one of the other 2 jigsaws (equally charming, but this is my favourite).  Maybe I’ll save this one up for a while and enjoy just gazing at the picture on the box – a bit like that last spoonful of crumble and custard that you keep until the final mouthful!!!

Did I ever show you my Vintage Farm Girl quilt?  I stitched this up in a storm last summer and now can’t quite believe that I made it …


Quite possibly my favourite make of all time and now bringing me much joy as it hangs on the wall in my studio sanctuary!

Best wishes
Adaliza x

§ One Response to Layer Cake Quilt

  • Anne says:

    I love that vintage farm girl quilt! So pretty! Clever you! Stay safe Adaliza x


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