22 December Kit

Zipped Purse Kit

2 main fabric pieces
2 lining pieces
2 fusible fleece pieces
Zipper tag end pieces


Take the zipper tag end pieces and create 2 as follows:


Fold in the ends and then fold in half and press.


Insert the zipper end (that opens) into folded tab – you’ll need to open the zip to do this.  Make sure that the tab covers the end of the zipper stops.


Stitch folded tab, to enclose ends of zipper.


Trim zipper to size (don’t use your best cutting out scissors, but it’ll cut very easily)  Leave sufficient room for a tab at the other end.


Repeat, adding tab to cut end of zipper.  Don’t worry that they don’t line up with the main fabric – it’s best if they overlap a bit.


Press fusible fleece to the wrong side of the 2 main fabric pieces, leaving a gap at the top which make it easier to stitch to the zipper in the next step.


Quilt in simple lines if you wish.


Place the main fabric right side up on your table.  Open Zipper then place zipper with zipper tab facing down, in the centre of the main fabric, lining the edge of the zipper with the top edge of the main fabric.


Place a lining piece right side down on top of zipper.  Pin carefully as you’re going to stitch all 3 pieces together along the top edge (main fabric, zipper and lining).  You may use a zipper foot or simply move the needle over on your machine.  Don’t stitch TOO close to the zipper.

You’ll need to fasten off the thread BEFORE you reach the zipper tab (see pink pin), then move the zipper tab past your line of stitching and continue to the end.


Press lining and main fabric then topstitch close to top of main fabric.  If you’ve moved your needle over, don’t forget to move it back when you need to.


Place the 2nd main fabric piece right side up on your table.  Then place your zipper/ stitched piece RIGHT SIDE DOWN on top, lining up the top edge.  Then place your 2nd lining piece RIGHT SIDE DOWN on top, lining up the top edge so all 3 pieces are in line (main fabric, zipper and lining fabric).  Repeat stages for stitching and top stitching as before.

You ‘ll end up with pieces as shown below.  Trim the edges.



Fold so that the main fabric pieces are right sides together and lining pieces are right sides together.  Make the zipper form a V on the lining side.

Check that zipper is open!!!!!
Pin and stitch all around the outside edges, leaving a gap in the bottom edge, for turning.


Cut a 1″ square from card – this will be your template as you’re going to give your little purse a flat bottom!

Place the template, in line with the stitching, in each of the 4 corners and cut out.  Scary stuff!!!



Now, fold the seams together in each corner and stitch (with a backward/forward stitch) at each end to make a firm seam.  Repeat for all 4 corners.


Turn your purse right sides out (this is why the zipper needs to be open), and then pin and stitch the small gap in the bottom seam.


Tuck the lining inside your purse and pop up the ends of the zipper – Ta Dah …


Hope you enjoy your little zipped purse.



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