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30/10/2012 § 3 Comments

in a cosy cottage, by the sea …

This is a much needed, hard-earned half-term break in our favourite seaside cottage in Cornwall.

Our home for the week was once a net loft, perched above the rocks – there’s the little cobbled terrace outside, complete with wall and gate to keep the collies safe (actually to keep everyone outside the gate safe from the collies); then an uninterrupted view across to the breakwater and harbour entrance with the beach and bay beyond.

Our cottage looks tiny but it’s wonderfully warm and cosy helped along with my favourite quilt and blanket.  I can’t do without my homely comforts – a crisp white duvet just doesn’t do it for me!

So far we’ve had fantastic waves and lots of rain, but I don’t mind a bit ‘cos I’ve brought my sewing machine (for indoors) and am well equipped with riding mac, waxed hat and sturdy boots (for collie walks along the coast path and beach)!

I’m sending best wishes to my friend in NY – keep in touch as long as the power lines survive.

I’m also hoping that all is well for NY’s visitors including a school trip from west Wales – keep safe all of you.

Adaliza x

This is the life …

02/08/2011 § 2 Comments

I know I signed off for the summer – but …

Sewing by the sea

my little old Elna came on holiday with us, and enjoyed a bit of a work out in the sunshine!

SUCH a great holiday!

Quilts by the sea

This is the life

Patchwork cushions, to remind me of the seaside, sunshine and Cornwall this summer!

See you in September – enjoy your summer too.

Adaliza x

On the beach … with the border collies!

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The weekend has passed all too fast, and now we’re back home with our extra little creature – yes, Flora Puddleduck has come home with us!

She’s growing every day and I’ll show you some photos tomorrow, but haven’t unpacked the camera yet!

For the last few days, I’ve enjoyed long early-morning walks along the beach in Cornwall, with the collies …

Bluebell's seen the seagulls!

Bluebell's seen the seagulls!

So near and yet ...

Mistletoe loves digging holes!

I know it's in here somewhere!

Having a rest (from digging in the sand)

Need a bit of a rest!

Now I can't see it!

I still can't see it!

Enjoying a paddle

Enjoying a paddle just as the sun breaks through

On this particular morning, there was a shoal just offshore.  The gulls were busy – black backs and herring gulls with last year’s youngsters; I counted 20 cormorants and then a pair of gannets joined in too!  Their diving is amazing – like scimitars entering the water.  Then as they surface, the gulls mob them to try to steal their fish!

And on the stroll homeward, there was a grey nose peeking up from the calm blue sea – a seal, just off the beach – not a brilliant photo, but I just caught him before he dived …

Grey seal  just off the beach

I said I needed a zoom lens just the other day, didn’t I?  Lots of sea and the seal ‘having a nose’ at the morning sun!

So I hope you’ve enjoyed my stroll along the beach – here’s the view homeward bound towards the village …

Porthleven on the last day in April!

Porthleven on the last day in April!

Can’t wait to go back again.  It’s a very special place for us, and our collie dogs!

Go on then – here’s one of the photos of Flora Puddleduck, who turned up on our back doorstep,  just an hour or so after my walk …

Flora PuddleduckShe’s doing really well and has a voracious appetite.  We set off early this morning so that I could get to Scats to buy her chick feed and a playpen!  She’s growing every day and I think I’ve been officially adopted as her ‘Mum’!

She may just have to keep her own blog – what do you think?


Flora’s story

Flora Puddleduck!

01/05/2011 § 5 Comments

As I wandered home from the paper shop yesterday morning, here in Cornwall, a small brown creature caught my eye.  It was crouching low, hoping not to be noticed.  It was a duckling!  It seemed happy enough, sitting in the sunshine outside the garden gate of a neighbouring cottage, so I left it.  Now, we’re enjoying a few days away and my leisurely breakfast demanded a top up from the teapot, and another slice of toast (homemade bread from Baker Tom in Lemon Street, Truro – highly recommended)!

As I waited for my toast to pop up, a loud and demanding chirping disturbed my peace.  Duckling had followed me, it appeared, and was sitting on the back door mat of our cottage.  At the same time, I noticed a predatory white tom cat passing the slatted gate at the end of the back yard.  My family know I’m a bit soft when it comes to small creatures and although I will always choose to leave a wild youngster for it’s mother to reclaim, I can find no sign whatsoever of a mother duck or her remaining brood, here in the seaside village and I hated to think that the tomcat or a gull would finish it off.

I’ve called her Flora, as it’s Helston’s Flora Day at the end of the week …

Flora ducklingHave no idea whether she’s female, but if not (I’ll have to wait for markings to develop at about 8 weeks), she’ll change her name to Helston!

Flora in the bath

Her temporary home, apart from when she’s on my lap, is the upstairs bath!  I keep a drop of tepid water at one end and she particularly likes to eat her egg and noodles (in the temporary bank holiday absence of chick feed from an agri merchant) whilst paddling in shallow water.  Her nest is a grassy cushion inside a newspaper ‘cave’, in which she cosies down to rest.  As you can see, there are also some clumps of weed to peck in.

I’ve read up that ducks won’t adopt an orphan, and will frequently try to drown it, so I don’t feel that I can take her to Helston’s lake.  Besides which, her mother surely wouldn’t fly back to Helston and leave her brood miles away by the coast?

She follows my hand around the bath and stays as close as possible.  Enjoys her food by pecking it from my fingers and chirps whenever I leave her!  Just like any other baby then!

I’ll keep you posted!

Adaliza in Cornwall

Flora’s story – here

PS  Happy Birthday Joe x

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