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my 2017 motto


I like to have a thought for the year and they seem to flow from one year to the next in no particular order.  Here’s why I chose this one for 2017 …

Last year was a colourful year in many ways.  Apart from the joy of seeing the children find new challenges in their colourful lives and sharing their excitement, my own life at home has been gently taking shape with huge progress being made throughout the house.

At last, and with only a few weeks before the end of the year, the final room was decorated and I was able to introduce some colour …


before – the lounge

after - so cosy

after – so cosy and warm with F&B Rectory Red feature wall and my own red velvet cushions and a little Christmas quilt


before - wooden summerhouse

before – wooden summerhouse

after - new Garden Room

after – new Garden Room

And what a delightful addition this garden room is to our family home.  It’s a studio and workroom, a warm outdoor space for escape from the house, a room for reflection and creativity…



Oval Room blue mirror and table top. Table legs in Inchyra – F&B paints

It’s still a work in progress, but I wanted a calm space so have introduced some soft blue shades and there’s still more furniture painting to do!  I spent a few days ‘camped out’ in here with the collies, whilst the lounge and bathroom were being decorated.  It was fun and I was busy colouring up some painted furniture …

Did I mention the bathroom?  It’s been pink, white, blue and a few other colours over the years, but never Urban Obsession…


until now! Dark charcoal walls with PINK flamingoes!!!


How could I resist?  Being bold in the bathroom!!!

So, colour makes me happy and I hope to introduce others to the fun they can have bringing colour into their patchwork quilts when my workshops start in the Spring.

Last year I completed 40 quilts – can hardly believe that! All of them colourful and hopefully bringing as much happiness to those who now own them, as they did to me whilst creating them.

Happy New Year
Blwyddyn Newydd Dda

Adaliza x


C2C crochet, a wool basket & a quilt

26/02/2016 § 2 Comments

Have you discovered c2c (corner to corner crochet) yet?

It’s brilliant – absolutely brilliant!

c2c crochet

And so simple.
I watched an internet clip that I can’t now locate, but there are loads of them on You Tube.  It took just a couple of minutes to learn how to start a new row and that’s it!

c2c crochet

I hooked up a cushion, using scrap yarn (mainly Debbie Bliss), in no time.  I used some variegated balls and some soft colours – I’m really pleased with how it turned out.

c2c crochet

As you can see, the cushion has been moved from one rocking chair to another and sits happily on either.  This is such a quick method of crochet and the little grey cells are able to concentrate on other things whilst the hook is doing its stuff!  Simple chain counting (6 at the beginning of each row) then 3 at the beginning of each cluster of 3 trebles (uk).  It’s an absolute breeze!

See the little basket for my wools?


Inspired by Crazy Mom’s Pixie Basket last week, I ran up a slightly larger one for my WIP wools.  I stitched some scraps together and started with two 6″ x 12″ pieces then added a pretty Susie Watson heavier weight cotton for the lining and used offcuts for the handles.  To add a bit of structure to the sides, I ran a line of stitching at the bottom seam on the two long sides.  It’ just perfect for moving a few balls of wool around as you do – in search of the perfect rocking chair!

Needless to say, the next c2c project is underway …

c2c crochet

And a little quilt has been finished …

Walk in the Woods Quilt

It’s a dear sweet little quilt called Walk in the Woods – perfect for a cot or over your lap. There’s an upcoming story about this and a few other quilts that I’ll share with you when all the details are finalised.

One more finish (to my home), thanks to Trevor-the-builder …

Remember a few days ago I couldn’t use my new back door?

new back door

raised deck

What a clever chap he is!  A raised deck with a handrail that I designed especially wide enough for a morning cuppa.  I love the way he used the cladding to cover up the old back door (on the right of the photo).

So, lot of finishes this week and I’m linking up with Finish it up Friday – which I love!

Happy Weekend everyone!

Adaliza x

Coming along …

13/11/2015 § 6 Comments

The building work is coming along and the new room is very close to being finished, from a building point of view rather than a moving in point of view!

What do you think of the show so far?

fantastical lights

fantastical lights

looking down into the studio from the cutting room

looking down into the studio from the cutting & fabric store room which was the small back bedroom – this bit isn’t done yet!


there’s a pretty bathroom with patchwork tiles


and my office will be in this ‘nook’ with views out over farmland and an amazing internal window that looks down the stairs to the front door and throws light right though the middle of the house


the shelves and architrave have only been undercoated today but I simply can’t contain my excitement with the led downlight sending shafts of clear light behind the shelves through the glass. I had to ‘dress it up’ for the weekend!

from the outside it looks like a whole new house

from the outside it looks like a whole new house with weatherboard cladding in Forest Grey (it was a complete struggle to get this past planning, but SOooo worth it).  I can’t wait for the scaffold to be removed so I can see it in all its glory!

What do you think?  This is a bit of a dream for me.  We built the kitchen/diner on over 12 years ago and always intended extending on top.  The flat roof was an interim fix with a limited life-span.  It’s been great and we’ve loved the space but the latest extension has been a wonderful project for me to get my teeth into from the design right through to all the little details.


When a planning application is approved around here, the letterbox fills with introductory letters from local builders who want to quote for the work.  However, I’d met a builder when he worked on a neighbouring property and I was impressed by the quality of his workmanship and attention to detail. My son J1 is working with him.  Together they make a great team (and I make tea)!  It’s been a very gentle process – I couldn’t have coped with van loads of builders turning up and knocking my home around.  Trevor-the-builder is certainly a master craftsman and is considerate as he moves around the house.

Even the dogs have accepted his presence although Belle is still rather suspicious and views the works from a distance.  A couple of weeks ago, the landing floorboards and carpet were up (something to do with pipes), and she desperately needed to get to me in my old studio so she simply walked over the top of Trevor who was on his hands and knees in the airing cupboard!  Fortunately he likes dogs and he and his family have 4!

I’m delighted with the way it’s all moving on and can’t wait to set up my fabrics and sewing machines. Then we move on to the kitchen … I can’t wait to show you that when it’s done, but for the moment, there’s loads to do, sort and decorate.

That’s my weekend sorted, then!  What do you have planned?

Adaliza x


A new quilt and pink candlesticks …

24/02/2015 § 6 Comments

A new quilt commission always fills me with excitement and this quilt was a long time in the planning. The brief was for ” … a patchwork quilt and 2 large matching cushions … with a French/Parisian theme to cover an antique French day bed … pastel shades – pinks, blues and greens … fabrics containing images of handbags, shoes, Eiffel Tower or anything associated with France/Paris”.

I gathered together fabrics …

focus patches were all girly and French

Then I went about my happy cutting out, creating and planning, piecing and stitched, layering up and quilting followed by a couple of evenings hand-stitching all around the binding edge of the quilt – oh how I love that bit!







I’m so pleased with how it turned out – it’s a complete froth of pastel shades working together around the strong Paris print in double-size patches. There was a lot of diagonal quilting to dissect the 4″ squares but it was worth it.  The quilt is backed with pure white fleece and is lightly wadded so it will wash and dry easily.  My client has had quilts from me before including one for her little girl which she assured me is still ‘going strong’ after 2 years of being snuggled beneath and played with every day.  I’m also delighted to say that she was thrilled with her new quilt.  Phew – it’s always a relief when someone sees their quilt for the first time and loves it.  There are lots of stories about quilt commissions if you follow the link on the left of your screen – so many quilts!!!

Now – pink candlesticks …

As ever, I’m very bad at taking ‘before’ photos because I’m always in such a rush to get stuck into a project. A pair of brass candlesticks from I-know-not-where have been huddled in the corner of the patio for at least 2 years.  They were behind a very large flower pot!  I gave them a wash down and then treated myself to a spray can of Candy Pink paint! Here they are on the newly laid out Spring mantlepiece in the lounge …


oh, they’re SOooooo pretty and perfectly match the £1 pillar candle from Poundland!



and I couldn’t resist the pastel shade of these carnations – they’re just delicious

in Aunt Bertha's favourite vase

happily brightening up a corner of the room, in Aunt Bertha’s favourite vase

Enjoy your week.

Adaliza x





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