Little Quilts & Cushions …

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This week has been a week of cushions …

I always love it when customers return to order from me.  Flora has been added to a very pretty pink cushion cover, to match one with a little campervan that I made last year.  She’ll be taking up residence on a beautiful window seat – lucky ducky!

The boats have gone to another very good home where they’ll meet up with a quilt called Sailing By …


and some little quilts will also be making their first appearance on my stand at the River Cottage Spring Fair over the Bank Holiday weekend at the end of this month …

Tweetie Pie
(you can almost hear those little birdies chirruping away)

and Retro Baby

It’s been a busy ol’ week up here in my studio!

Another quilt has also been finished but it’s a commission and I’ll have to keep it a secret until the beginning of June.  A landmark birthday with an heirloom quilt to match!

Hope the sun continues to shine over the weekend.  I will take a trip around the garden in photos very soon – there just aren’t enough hours in the day at the moment!


I’ll be linking up with Finish it up Friday too!

First finished quilt of 2016

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For a baby girl, born on 23 January 2016 and named Isla …



The quilt was commissioned by her grandparents and tells a story.  With Balinese fabric included as her parents first met whilst on holiday in Bali, little houses as Daddy is an architect, I Love London because that’s where the family live and where little Isla was born and the bumble bees – well that’s another story but they’re a significant choice for her quilt!


It’s a quilt that will grow with her – perfect for her first bed.


and this morning, it looked a treat hanging up for a photoshoot on the new ‘design wall’ in my studio…


Have a good weekend everyone

Adaliza x

I’m linking up with and popping over to Finish it up Friday to see what everyone else has been creating too!

Walk in the Park – Quilt Commission

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When someone commissions a patchwork quilt, it’s the beginning of a journey …

They have a picture in their mind of a patchwork quilt …

I don’t know what they’re seeing …

We chat and I try to capture their mind’s picture …

quilt fabric swatch

pinks and a farmyard

quilt swatch 2

trees and blues with oranges and a touch of red

quilt swatch 3

we’re almost there with this one using the tree fabric as the focus for the quilt

We started chatting about farmyards then colours and the fabric that I’ve named Walk in the Park won over, so I collected some additional pieces over the summer that I thought would co-ordinate well with it.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve worked quietly and consistently on a quilt for a very special little girl and here’s the moment it all came together …





those final couple of photos, taken outdoors look a bit ‘washed out’ – in fact the quilt colours were strong and it was a melody of blues and greens with pinks and soft pumpkin hues all flowing through the patchwork.

I really loved making this quilt – I loved working with those colours and the baby girl, in her mother’s arms couldn’t stop staring at the colours when the ribbon was untied and she first saw her quilt.  I hope her quilt, complete with her name embroidered on the front, will become a memorable part of her homelife as she grows up.

I’m teaming up with finish-it-up Friday over on crazy mom quilts and am looking forward to strolling around to see what everyone else has finished.

Enjoy the weekend

Adaliza x

Edited to add – J’s testimonial and feedback on her commissions:

“I wanted to give my niece and daughter a special quilt which they could learn to crawl on and would keep for years but I’m useless at sewing so I couldn’t do it myself. Adaliza asked me to suggest themes which would mean something to the children. I chose the seaside for my niece (because she lives on the coast) and ‘a walk in the park’ for my daughter. Adaliza was extremely sensitive to the colours and styles I wanted and sent lots of pictures of fabrics and colour combinations to choose from. She even looked for new fabrics to enhance the effect.

Adaliza created stunning, dynamic quilts which have a wide range of patterns and images to enjoy and talk about. They are genuine works of a art with a bright, fresh feel, which the children can interact with and play on for years. She also designed and made an embroidery cushion for my cousin’s wedding which marked their occasion in a non-sentimental way which felt right for them and a small personalised cushion for a friend’s daughter which I was proud to give.

 She was professional to work with, produced flawless work and encouraged me to feedback openly so the process felt creative and exciting. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to give a special, individual present which is good value, unique to them and genuinely comes from the heart.” JG

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La Vie en Rose …

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every day will be rose-coloured  …







La Vie en Rose Patchwork Quilt – a bespoke commission


Edited to add some lovely words from the fabulous lady who commissioned this quilt: 

‘I bought my lovely quilt as a commission. It will be a family heirloom. I asked for roses and pink base with pastel colours. We called it La Vie En Rose because that is also one of my favourite songs too (Louis Armstrong or Billie Holliday) and the name fits the roses theme. It fits perfectly with cushions and accessories I already had for my bedroom. We’re changing it back to pink, you see. Adaliza kindly incorporated two fabrics I chose so that the quilt would match my existing cushions and dressing table curtains. It looks lovely on my Laura Ashley cream iron bedstead. I now just have to change the wallpaper, move the table lamps, put the right curtains up. I am very pleased. It is very well-made and high-quality.’

and a photo …

the cushions are just perfect - such a pretty room

the cushions are just perfect – such a pretty room

A new quilt and pink candlesticks …

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A new quilt commission always fills me with excitement and this quilt was a long time in the planning. The brief was for ” … a patchwork quilt and 2 large matching cushions … with a French/Parisian theme to cover an antique French day bed … pastel shades – pinks, blues and greens … fabrics containing images of handbags, shoes, Eiffel Tower or anything associated with France/Paris”.

I gathered together fabrics …

focus patches were all girly and French

Then I went about my happy cutting out, creating and planning, piecing and stitched, layering up and quilting followed by a couple of evenings hand-stitching all around the binding edge of the quilt – oh how I love that bit!







I’m so pleased with how it turned out – it’s a complete froth of pastel shades working together around the strong Paris print in double-size patches. There was a lot of diagonal quilting to dissect the 4″ squares but it was worth it.  The quilt is backed with pure white fleece and is lightly wadded so it will wash and dry easily.  My client has had quilts from me before including one for her little girl which she assured me is still ‘going strong’ after 2 years of being snuggled beneath and played with every day.  I’m also delighted to say that she was thrilled with her new quilt.  Phew – it’s always a relief when someone sees their quilt for the first time and loves it.  There are lots of stories about quilt commissions if you follow the link on the left of your screen – so many quilts!!!

Now – pink candlesticks …

As ever, I’m very bad at taking ‘before’ photos because I’m always in such a rush to get stuck into a project. A pair of brass candlesticks from I-know-not-where have been huddled in the corner of the patio for at least 2 years.  They were behind a very large flower pot!  I gave them a wash down and then treated myself to a spray can of Candy Pink paint! Here they are on the newly laid out Spring mantlepiece in the lounge …


oh, they’re SOooooo pretty and perfectly match the £1 pillar candle from Poundland!



and I couldn’t resist the pastel shade of these carnations – they’re just delicious

in Aunt Bertha's favourite vase

happily brightening up a corner of the room, in Aunt Bertha’s favourite vase

Enjoy your week.

Adaliza x





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