Walk in the Park – Quilt Commission

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When someone commissions a patchwork quilt, it’s the beginning of a journey …

They have a picture in their mind of a patchwork quilt …

I don’t know what they’re seeing …

We chat and I try to capture their mind’s picture …

quilt fabric swatch

pinks and a farmyard

quilt swatch 2

trees and blues with oranges and a touch of red

quilt swatch 3

we’re almost there with this one using the tree fabric as the focus for the quilt

We started chatting about farmyards then colours and the fabric that I’ve named Walk in the Park won over, so I collected some additional pieces over the summer that I thought would co-ordinate well with it.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve worked quietly and consistently on a quilt for a very special little girl and here’s the moment it all came together …





those final couple of photos, taken outdoors look a bit ‘washed out’ – in fact the quilt colours were strong and it was a melody of blues and greens with pinks and soft pumpkin hues all flowing through the patchwork.

I really loved making this quilt – I loved working with those colours and the baby girl, in her mother’s arms couldn’t stop staring at the colours when the ribbon was untied and she first saw her quilt.  I hope her quilt, complete with her name embroidered on the front, will become a memorable part of her homelife as she grows up.

I’m teaming up with finish-it-up Friday over on crazy mom quilts and am looking forward to strolling around to see what everyone else has finished.

Enjoy the weekend

Adaliza x

Edited to add – J’s testimonial and feedback on her commissions:

“I wanted to give my niece and daughter a special quilt which they could learn to crawl on and would keep for years but I’m useless at sewing so I couldn’t do it myself. Adaliza asked me to suggest themes which would mean something to the children. I chose the seaside for my niece (because she lives on the coast) and ‘a walk in the park’ for my daughter. Adaliza was extremely sensitive to the colours and styles I wanted and sent lots of pictures of fabrics and colour combinations to choose from. She even looked for new fabrics to enhance the effect.

Adaliza created stunning, dynamic quilts which have a wide range of patterns and images to enjoy and talk about. They are genuine works of a art with a bright, fresh feel, which the children can interact with and play on for years. She also designed and made an embroidery cushion for my cousin’s wedding which marked their occasion in a non-sentimental way which felt right for them and a small personalised cushion for a friend’s daughter which I was proud to give.

 She was professional to work with, produced flawless work and encouraged me to feedback openly so the process felt creative and exciting. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to give a special, individual present which is good value, unique to them and genuinely comes from the heart.” JG

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Quilt Kit Tutorial

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Quilt Kits

Quilt Kits

An online photo tutorial is now available to support the Quilt Kits Instruction Booklet that’s included with each kit.  The tutorial follows the pathway through the booklet from the design stage right through to your very own Ta-Dah moment.  For ease of reference, I’ve included page numbers and the main headings to which the photos apply.

Quilt kits are for sale in my Quilt Store or directly from me,
by emailing shop@adaliza.co.uk

Happy Sewing!


Quilt Kits

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Adaliza Quilt Store

                                                        Hill & Dale Quilt Kit

Walk in the Park Quilt Kit

                                             Walk in the Park Quilt Kit

Whimsical Woodland Quilt Kit - cream

                                   Whimsical Woodland Quilt Kit – cream

Whimsical Woodland Quilt Kit - autumn colours

                               Whimsical Woodland Quilt Kit – autumn colours

Adaliza’s Quilt Kits

The kits contain all the fabrics needed to complete the patchwork quilt top, border and bindings.  You choose the wadding and backing fabric.  An 8-page booklet with full instructions for piecing your patchwork and suggested techniques for layering up your quilt sandwich, quilting and binding your quilt is included.  Lots of helpful tips appear throughout.  They are now available in my Quilt Store.

Quilts for sale

 Listed until the end of September in my Quilt Store

Breeze Quilt

Breeze Quilt

Sailboats & Seagulls Quilt


Foxtrot Quilt


Tranquility Quilt


Summer is drifting quietly away with the warm sunshine all too frequently giving way to clouds and rain. Evenings are decidedly chilly and it’s time to snuggle up!

Adaliza x

Beautiful Spring …

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apr 8


apr 11a

apr 13


Can’t wait for the grass to grow. There are sweet peas all planted next to the large trellis panel.


apr 9

a favourite ‘snap’ – wish I’d put the parasols up though

have I been busy or what?

have I been busy or what?

What do you think of my beautiful table cover?  Ultra pretty colours and oh so practical.  I’ve got 4 of them!  One’s round – for the patio table; all the others are rectangular – to fit the larger garden tables. Have I been busy or what???????

Well no, I haven’t been busy with my crochet hook !!!!  They’re from our local discount supermarket and cost under £4 each – ultimate bargain – and they’re huge.  When I popped in there yesterday another lady saw mine at the till and whizzed off to buy a couple for herself – they really are pretty and machine washable.  The crochet stitches are so lifelike.  It’s Aldi, if you want one – but I think you’ll have to be quick!

Here’s my garden sewing studio – can’t believe I’m sewing in the garden in April …

april 2

april 1

Misty and Mrs Quacky say Hello – Belle was too busy to be photographed.  She was ‘helping’ J2 with his latest artwork.  She lays there and gazes at him all day.

apr 2

Darling Misty


Mrs Quacky Flora Puddleduck

All the photos are with my new little pocket camera – a Canon SX600.  Zoom x18, video recorder and so much more – I’m very pleased with the photos too.

Now, I’ve another quilt on my big machine upstairs so I’ll do my sewing indoors in the morning, and set up some tasks for outside for the sunny afternoons – long may they last.

Adaliza x




Belated postcard from Cornwall …

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Didn’t we have a loverley time …

Yes, we certainly did (apart from my badly sprained ankle on day 4, which is still grumbling) …

Smugglers Cottage

quirky and charming – Smugglers Cottage


a pot of gold – maybe just golden sand

early morning walks

early morning walks

an inquisitive local

an inquisitive local

morning walk to the paper shop

morning walk to the paper shop

evening stroll around the harbour for dinner

evening stroll around the harbour for dinner

magical sunsets and a new moon

magical sunsets and a new moon – make a wish

We had awesome weather – wall-to-wall sunshine most days and even when I was ‘iced-up’ and strapped I found I could do some sewing with one foot up on a garden chair!  A sewing studio with sea views – that’s definitely on my wish list!

my little Elna came too

my little Elna came too


Summertime – pretty florals in summer colours

I felt inspired by the colourful little cottage and created Hot Town patchwork

I felt inspired by the colourful little cottage and created Hot Town patchwork

I stitched up 3 patchwork quilt tops last week and have finished 2 of the quilts this week.  I’ll post some photos of the finished quilts in the next day or so.  Now – back to the end of a boring game of football – so different from last night’s semi-final.  Have you been watching?  I’m no footie fan but find myself drawn into a tournament like the World Cup.  I’m picking up the lingo and whenever I hear the whistle (‘cos I’m usually stitching around the binding of a quilt rather than watching), I just say ‘Offside’ with conviction.  Amazingly, I’ve been right on many occasions – Himself is really quite impressed!!!!

Adaliza x

Happy Summer Days …

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early mornings, garden roses, quacky duck, evening strolls, quilting days –

sewing in the garden – oh yes – I’ve been doing a lot of that!

sitting in the dappled shade of the apple trees, binding a quilt

sitting in the dappled shade of the apple trees, binding a quilt

patio tables lined up for a massive amount of prep - king sized quilt in the making

patio tables lined up for a massive amount of prep –  a memory quilt in the making

lots of backing to stop the fabrics stretching, then every patch trimmed to size

every patch backed, to stop the fabrics stretching, then trimmed to size

a finished project for some dear friends in Devon

a finished project for some very dear friends in Devon – quilt for him; cushion for her

a very special quilt

a very special quilt – donkeys, boats, beaches and seaside blues

roses and bunting - perfect for a pretty seat under the apple trees

roses and bunting – perfect for a pretty seat under the apple trees



Retro Market in Winchester High Street

Retro Market in Winchester High Street

I’m pleased to have caught up with a few photos of my recent designs and makes.  I’ve been to two fairs in June so now I can concentrate on my sewing (and quiet evening knitting – even more lace-weight – photos soon) and enjoy the summer sun.

our roses are in full bloom, surrounded by buttercups and daisies

and all our roses are in full bloom

Adaliza x

Wishing for Spring?

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Maybe it’s just arrived …

Patchwork Quilt by Adaliza

In the midst of recent storms, I gathered together soft pastels and blossoms. I couldn’t rest, as the gale roared around us, until the patches had been placed, then quilted to make “Wish” – a patchwork quilt full of Springtime hope!

When I begin a quilt, I’m never sure what size it will end up – this one is large – 170 cm square!  As the pile of fabrics grew, before I cut it out, I had a feeling that I’d be busy for a while.  I couldn’t leave any out – polka dots and stars, Moda’s Bliss, my signature whites, blossoms and acorn spots – they all came together beautifully – there are a few earthy tones in there too, so it’s not too girly.  Last evening, I hand-stitched almost 7 m of binding – phew – did I sleep well after that!

Patchwork Quilt by Adaliza

Patchwork Quilt by Adaliza

Patchwork Quilt by Adaliza

I’ve just added it to my Quilt Store where it will stay for just 2 weeks before coming to my first fair of the year (unless it’s snapped up before then)!

So is my studio table looking bear?  No-Siree!  I’ve been cutting out “Melody Maker” – featuring rock’n roll guitars, piano keys and musical instruments galore.  It’s funny how sometimes a quilt name pops into my head as soon as I see the fabric and other times naming has to wait until it’s almost finished.

Enjoy the sunshine – let’s hope Winter’s cloak is being taken off to reveal Nature’s Spring beneath.

Adaliza x



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