Ideas, hopes & dreams …

15/02/2012 § 2 Comments

Sometimes it takes a bit of downtime, to relax, take time to think, plan and embark on new ideas.

I’ve been having fun over the last few days …

making spring flowers, and enjoying some winter sunshine by the seaside.

One of my dreams is to have a creative space where people of all ages come to learn how to make things, gain new skills and knowledge, and explore new ideas.  I’m hoping that cyberspace has the premises and that you’ll be able to pop by and join in.  I’ve started a new blog where I will be uploading tutorials and lessons – sewing, crochet, a bit of patchwork & quilting – things I like to make.

I know it’s been done before, but this will be a learning curve for me.  I’ve been a teacher for more years than I care to remember and I hope that you’ll find straightforward instructions with lots of pictures a useful resource when you feel like being creative yourself.

I need to test a few things out before I send out your invitation, so visit again soon and (hopefully) all will be revealed. 

Adaliza x 

PS  Testing, testing!  Over in the right menu, there’s a page called Tutorials & Lessons.  A couple of clicks will take you to the new site and there’s a tutorial for Making a Wallet – do please, let me know if it works!

Sneaky peek …

19/11/2011 § 1 Comment

at a few projects that will make it to my stall tomorrow (Sunday) at the Winchester Art & Design Market …

Dolly Cradle

Teddy, all tucked up

Snowflake cushion

All aboard!


I’ve been busy and finished quite a few new designs for tomorrow … a dolly cradle all newly refurbished and with a delicious patchwork quilt and wool blanket – not to mention a lace pillowcase and new sheets; a Christmassy snowflake cushion and for those who don’t want to miss the boat – a hand quilted patchwork cushion!

As there’s a chill in the air, there are my new hotties …


Each has a microwaveable heat pad inside and the covers are all quilted so you can cuddle up and keep your toes warm!

It’s been a wonderful day here in the South, today – bright clear skies and the birds were singing their hearts out until dusk settled.  The sky is full of stars and I do hope that we’ll be able to enjoy another bright winter’s day tomorrow.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend …

Adaliza x






Why wait?

17/11/2011 § 2 Comments

for Christmas when there’s something that you’ve coveted for SOooooo many months?

Janome Horizon

Janome Horizon

A new all singing, all dancing Janome has just hit the market and will hit the wallet extra hard at around £5,500 (admittedly there are offers of up to £1,000 off) but even so, that’s a massive amount of hard-earned cash.  However, there are amazing offers on this model, that I dallied around earlier in the year.  I stepped away then and bought Mavis, a stout old Singer who is brilliant, but I’ve never quite put the Horizon out of my mind.

Gulp, take a deep breath, don’t look now, don’t tell the Housework Fairy (well, I did mention it in conversation, but not in detail) (you may imagine the detail I omitted) … I’ve gawn’n done it!

Next week can’t come quickly enough, ‘cos I’ll be picking it up on Monday or Tuesday.

I’ll let you know what it’s like – and it had better be good!

Adaliza x

Gallery news …

13/08/2011 § 1 Comment

Pop-Atelier Everyman Gallery in Winchester is hot news …

Pop-Atelier Gallery

There are some terrific pieces of art – sculpture, photography, abstract art, pottery and now TEXTILES too!

Do check out Sally’s brilliant gallery, which opened in April 2011.  It is a “new type of gallery – set up in Winchester to serve the various creative and artistic communities”.

I went with a seaside theme for my space …

  • Sunshine and boats – patchwork and quilted cushions, using jaunty nautical prints & vintage linens
  • Pinwheel Patchwork Pincushions
  • Pebble Paperweights – from North Devon (amazing pink pebbles from Quantocks) crochet covered with organic Devon wool
  • Vintage style brooches
Vintage linen patchwork

So it you’re visiting Winchester this summer, pop along to POP-ATELIER and see some amazing art work.


Fabulous First of July …

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I knew I shouldn’t have had 40 winks earlier in the day!

Just couldn’t keep my eyes open – blame the tennis, or a comfy sofa, or a long walk with the collies, but now it’s late and I don’t feel tired!  But having a bit of peace late on in the evening may not be such a bad thing after all.  I started to think about all the things I’d made over the last month and then I had a bright idea.

To mark the beginning of every month, I’ll create a montage of my favourite ‘makes’ from the previous 4 weeks or so.

Fabulous First of July

here are some of my favourite creations from June

Fabulous 1st of July Friday

It’s always interesting to revisit finished projects and maybe develop new ideas for next month’s designing and creating.  Some of these have already found new homes and I hope you’re enjoying them as much as I enjoyed making them!

Happy 1st of July everyone!

Happy Birthday Crabby – all my love

Adaliza x



Versatile Blogger Award – Wow!

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Many thanks to Martha, of Martha after Hours who nominated my blog for this award.  It’s lovely to receive an award – I know just how kids at school feel when they get a sticker!

There’s a whole list of things to do now, so here goes …

1.      Make a post linking back to the person who gave you the award …  (see above)
2.      Share seven random things about yourself (see below)
3.      Award seven recently discovered bloggers with this award and contact them to let them know they have won

7 random things about me:

–   I learnt to drive on a tractor
–   I love winter more than summer and wool more than silk

–   I’m an avid jam maker – just love picking hedgerow berries
–   I’m definitely more country girl than city chic

–   If wishes were horses, mine would be a black Welsh cob. I miss you Stormy.
–   I was almost a farmer’s wife – once – a long time ago.  Damn, he was too quick!

–   I believe in the power of positive thinking!  My motto is B+ (Be Positive)!

7 blogs I’d like to nominate:

Rockett St George UK – Design Junkies

So Easy Life – Karon Grieve is interesting and inspirational

Print and Pattern – this is simply amazing stuff, every day something different

Posie gets Cosy – charming tales of life in Portland, Oregan and a corgi called Clover Meadow

Cluck Cluck Sew – great sewing projects and some very clear instructions too

Just 2 more to choose …

Blueberry Park – lots of interesting projects and ideas

HenHouse – lovely pictures and projects

One more random thing – I hate chain letters and this definitely had the feel of one.  My initial unease though was countered by pleasure to think that someone had enjoyed my blog.  So even if you don’t want to join in, I hope you continue to entertain me (and others) with your blogs.


Sneaky preview …

18/06/2011 § 2 Comments

Tomorrow’s Winchester Art & Design-led market.  All systems go here, to replenish stock after Alton last week.

And, as always, a new line – I like to work on developing new designs and creations and this week it’s been …

Coffee cosies!

Coffee pot cosies!

With diddy egg cosies for the perfect breakfast before you get up and go, go, go!  All my cushions from earlier in the week too – Handmade Monday and Country Homes – will be on the stall too.

So bring the sunshine and if you forget your shopping bag then you can always treat yourself …

'Just Popping Out' handy shoppers

and fill it up as you wander around the 100 or so stalls filled with handmade and vintage goodies.  The market stalls fill the High Street and Middle Brook Street – I hope to be at the top end of the High Street run – pop by and say ‘Hello’!

Enjoy the rest of Winchester while you’re here – the Cathedral grounds, just 1 minute from the High Street, our narrow streets of speciality shops and our amazing range of independent coffee shops (with cake too)!  Maison Blanc is my favourite – oh la la those cakes …

Enjoy your Saturday …


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OMG – tomorrow’s Friday!

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Where did that week go then?

It’s the Winchester Art and Design fair this Sunday and I’ve been a bit busy.  I’ll do a ‘Sneaky Peek’ tomorrow so that you can see what’s been made specially but the bad news for bag fans is that there are only 3 remaining!

There are 4, but I’ve decided to keep one – a little treat for myself for all my hard work!

No more until the Autumn – this is my last fair until September!

So pop back on Friday for a preview of some of the latest creations from my sewing studio.


My head is full of horses …

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I have nights like this sometimes.  Images of horses – some from my past, some in my dreams – canter through my mind like shadows in the breeze.  Last night, it was Exmoor ponies.  A poem came into my head, by Munnings, in which he describes meeting a herd of wild ponies in an Exmoor lane …

Exmoor ponies

Grey leaden clouds slow moving overhead
The trees and fences dripping as I pass
A robin singing, berries turning red
And underneath the dank and sodden grass.

He must have been visiting during the early Autumn of 1944, as I have his biography and he made a visit to sketch the ponies in their natural habitat on the moorland.  I bought a print of his – Pixie, an Exmoor foal – a few years ago at an auction, for the princely sum of £12!  I absolutely love it …



And here are some of my very rough sketches that came out of my head very late last night …

My next project might just be equine – we’ll have to wait and see!




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Somewhere special …

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Where you first met, first date, first kiss, birthplace, family ties, university town, happy holidays, first home – we all have somewhere special.

The City

Love it, or hate it, the capital holds a special place in many hearts.  I remember a lovely lady called Mrs Hughes who came to live in Winchester, telling me that she met her husband on D-day in the crowds in London.  How romantic – even when they were very elderly they loved to take a train trip up to the City to see where they met.  They certainly lived happily ever after!


Our eldest went to university in Edinburgh and I remember her phoning, one chilly snowy evening, to tell me about the magical Christmas market with the castle all lit up on the hill.  She says it’s the first time she felt really grown up and independent – experiencing a moment all on her own, that she knew she’d always remember.

Somewhere Special cards

Now there’s one of my special places, right in the middle – recognise Cornwall???

Here are my new cards – British Schoolroom map, wonderful retro colours, a flavour of nostalgia and happy memories.


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