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It’s been a while and I’ve been busy – not too busy, just busy.  The collies and I went to Cornwall for a week at the beginning of June and had fun.  Misty is an old lady these days so we had very gentle walks around the harbour – not bad for a collie who, in human terms is almost 100 years old.

I had to invest in a towel (pink of course), for The Princess – Belle.  She looked quite sorry for herself after swimming out to fetch her ball from the harbour slipway.  She actually attracted a round of applause from holidaymakers on the quayside as she took several attempts!

On my long journey to the Lizard, I couldn’t resist following the signs for a Quilt Show.  After finding a suitable shady spot for the collies, I went in to see the amazing show put on my Kernow Quilters.  There were SO many beautiful quilts – it was inspirational.

Apart from my wonderful week away, enjoying the harbourside and the company of my friend who lives in Porthleven and is a fellow quilter, life has been trickling along and that’s just the way I like it!  My garden has exploded with colour and my grandfather’s lily that I wrote about some years ago, is having a magnificent summer.

I’ll be back soon – enjoy the summer sunshine and do pop over to see my students’ work in the Adaliza’s Students’ Hall of Fame board on Pinterest.


Patchwork for all seasons

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The four seasons, that are so defined in our imaginations, body clocks, flora and fauna seem to be skipping by at an alarming rate this year.  Is that an age thing, do you suppose?  I’m hardly out of winter woollies before it’s time to find my shorts and sandals!

I’ve found over the years, that my patchwork inspiration is much affected by the seasons.  Last year, I remember blogging about Christmas in July and no sooner had I written the post than New Year celebrations and fireworks were upon us – or so it seemed.

I’m currently sorting out dates for Autumn workshops.  I’ve decided to take a bit of time out for myself over the summer so that everything is set up and raring to go for the Autumn patchwork season.  With that in mind, I’m going to rationalise the workshops that I offer and run favourite classes with seasonal themes.  Think Table Runners for Autumn, Spring and Christmas – possibly Summer & Winter ones too.  What do you think?

I have SO many ideas for workshops and a queue of eager students wanting to join in, so watch this space and I’ll let you know when the dates are all sorted.  There’ll also be photos of Wales, a textile collage like nothing I’ve ever created before and updates from my garden which has just woken up to the fact that Spring has arrived and everything needs to grow very fast (especially those perennial favourites – bindweed and sticky weed)!

Back soon


Creativity …

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Yesterday, in a village hall near Stockbridge, I met up with a lovely group of ladies who had asked me to run a Patchwork Day.  The brief was to actually ‘make something’!

Well, that’s my kind of a day and here are a few moments from our wonderful day filled with creativity, colour and chatter …


We quickly arranged the big tables, ironing boards and assorted sewing machines inside the hall, as the heating warmed us up to the rafters.  There was a LOT of fabric and everyone had fun choosing colours that would make either a bag or a cushion, from a traditional Log Cabin design.

Soon the sewing machines were humming happily and everyone was chatting and stitching their chosen project …





Everyone had brought something for lunch – a delicious break in the middle of our patchwork log cabins.  And at the end of the afternoon, everyone had a Ta Dah moment …

Drum roll please …. …. ….


Three cushions and two totes completed and big smiles all around.

For me, the day marked a return to the ‘classroom’ since I left teaching in 2013.  I can’t wait for my Garden Studio to be completed so that classes can run right here, surrounded by fabrics with Flora Puddleduck quacking along in the garden as we sew!

Enjoy the awesome Autumn colours – here are a few photos of our White Birch tree in the garden and the farm where I walk the collies – I definitely feel a russet-inspired quilt coming on.



I’m off to pick more rosehips and hawthorn berries to make some Hedgerow Jelly – the collies for company, of course.  It’s a beautiful day and I can’t bear to be inside – Autumn is most definitely my favourite season of the year.

Enjoy the rest of October – and all that Autumn brings.


Workshops in Winchester – taught by Adaliza.  Max 5 per group.

Workshops in Winchester

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A brand new, bespoke sewing room is coming to Winchester very soon.

Specially designed and laid out for small group teaching, with a maximum of 5 places, you will be able to explore your creative side and whether you’re a beginner or have already had a go at patchwork, there will be a workshop for you.

Have a look at the first wave of workshops here.

Just email workshops@adaliza.co.uk to book your place.


PS     you’ll have to wait for a couple of weeks for photos of the new studio (it’s currently under construction)

PPS   gift vouchers are available – a course would make a GREAT Christmas pressie!

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