Christmas Placemat Kit Tutorial

This tutorial supports my Christmas Placemat Kit featuring fabrics from Lewis and Irene’s Countryside Winter.  There are a limited number of kits available.  Please email to order your kit direct from me.

Unpack your kit and lay out on a flat surface.  Your kit includes 4 Christmas panels, backing fabric and binding.  Press the panels and backing fabric.  You will need to buy 1/2 metre (min 115cm wide) of lightweight wadding or use curtain interlining.

Trim the panels, cutting 1/4″ outside the printed borders.

  • Take care when trimming the Robin panel as the background ticking stripe is cream so use the cabin panel as a template to make sure they’re exactly the same size.
  • Lay the cut panels on top of the backing fabric with a small gap between them to allow for some movement when quilting then cut carefully. 


Place the 4 backing fabric pieces on the wadding, leaving a small gap between then cut the wadding.  The extra fabric will allow for a little movement when quilting.

Work on one panel at a time.  Place the backing fabric with the right side down and smooth out any creases. Place the wadding on top and smooth, then place the panel on top, with right side facing up and pin.



Quilt in your preferred style.  You may find it easier to attach the binding if at this point you stitch a line all around the placemat – very close to the edge of the printed panel.

Prepare the binding carefully.  Take one strip and fold exactly in half – cut.  Then fold each piece in half and cut again so you have one binding strip cut into exact quarters. Join a short length and a long length of binding together so you have 4 binding strips, each sufficient for one placemat.

Take a binding strip and fold in half lengthways.  Starting mid way down on one side, leave a 1″ tail unstitched to begin.  Place the double raw edge up of the binding against the stitching line on the edge of the placemat and stitch.  When you reach a corner, stop stitching and fasten off the thread 1/4″ from the corner then pinch up the corner and align the next edge before stitching.


When you approach the unstitched tail, trim the binding and fold over the raw edge then tuck the tail inside to make a neat seam.


Trim the edges and corners to 1/4″ then fold the binding over and pin very carefully on the front of the placemat, making sure the binding on the back is caught by the pins. Then stitch on the front of the placemat right up close to the binding or hand-stitch all around the binding on the back.

The photos above (from left to right) show the pinned binding, the front after stitching and the binding on the back after stitching.

Repeat for all 4 placemats and make sure someone proposes a toast to The Patchworker at Christmas lunch!

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