Christmas Stocking Tutorial

This tutorial supports my Christmas Stocking Kit featuring fabrics from Lewis and Irene’s Countryside Winter.  The kit is available for sale here.  Kits are available from 24 July 2017.

Unpack your kit and lay out on a flat surface.  Your kit includes 2 Christmas panels, lining fabric and ribbon for the hanging loop.17


Carefully cut around the stocking panels, leaving 1/4″ seam allowance (this will mean cutting slightly inside the solid red border).   Then cut out 2 lining pieces by folding the fabric in half, laying a stocking panel on top then cutting around it.


Lay out as shown below (right sides all facing down), then pick up and stitch a seam joining the panel to the corresponding lining fabric, using the dark red solid border as a stitching guide.  Press the seam towards the lining fabric.  Lay the 2 stocking pieces right sides together.


Carefully match the seams on either side but before you pin them, add the ribbon loop.  Place it on top of the printed panel with the raw ribbon edges lining up with the raw edges of the fabric.  Pin the seams and ribbon so it doesn’t slip out of place.

Before stitching check:  you should have the stocking panel pieces on top of each other, with right sides together.  The 2 lining fabric pieces should be on top of each other, right sides together.  The ribbon loop should be ready to be stitched into the seam with pins where the seams line up.

Pin around the edge if you wish, to hold the fabric in place as you are going to stitch all around the edge leaving approx 5″ at the back of the stocking lining open.


Carefully stitch the printed panels together along the solid red line border line which should be 1/4″.


Now, turn your whole stocking inside out pulling it through the gap you left in the back of the stocking.


Smooth out and clip the curved seams.


Fold in the edges of the gap, pin then stitch a very scant seam to seal the gap.

Turn the lining again so it fits inside the stocking panel – use a ruler to push right into the stocking toe then press.

Ta-dah – you’ve stitched your very own Christmas Stocking!

stocking 1

The kit is available for sale here.

The words and images in this tutorial are the property of Adaliza Patchwork Quilts (c) 2017
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