Happy Weekend Quilt Tutorial

This tutorial is designed to support Adaliza’s Happy Weekend Quilt Pattern available as a PDF download here.

Ingredients ::
42 solid colour 8.5″ squares
1 Adaliza Quilt Pack (4 squares x 10 fabrics; 2 squares x 1 fabric) 42 x 8.5″ co-ordinating patterned squares
3m backing fabric
.5m binding fabric
Finished quilt will measure approx 145 cm x 170 cm.
(If you choose to add a border you will need more backing and binding fabric)

Standard stuff ::

  • Always check your machine is stitching 1/4″ seams
  • Press seams towards the darker fabric
  • Trim blocks before stitching together

The following photos follow the bullet-pointed instructions that are included in your PDF Quilt Pattern.


  • Place one patterned square and one solid square right sides together.
  • Stitch ¼” seam all around the outside edge. Repeat until all patches are used.
  • Place each on a cutting mat and make 2 diagonal cuts from corner to corner so you’ll have 4 HST blocks from each pair of squares.
  • Open out each block and press with the seam towards the darker colour.
  • Trim off ears and trim each block.

Keeping the blocks in their colours stack them up (16 blocks x 10 fabrics, 8 blocks x 1 fabric),  You will have 11 stacks. Label each stack a through to k, using sticky notes as shown above.

  • Using the Layout Grid in your Quilt Pattern, and starting with Row 1, gather all the blocks you will need for this row, stacking them as you go.
    Be methodical and gather them from each a, b, c stack, keeping the first one at the top. For example, Row 1 should have D on top and A at the bottom with all the others in order between.

Following the method for Row 1, stack up each row in turn and then label each row with a sticky note – Row 1, Row 2 etc.

You will now need to refer to the Pattern Grid

  • Using the Pattern Grid in your Quilt Pattern, place the blocks in pattern order so the whole patchwork is laid out.laying out
  • To speed piece your patchwork, stitch Blocks 1 and 2 from each row together until you reach Row 14. Fasten off the thread and then starting with Row 1, stitch down the strip with all No 3 blocks. Press the seams.
    speed piecing
  • When all the stitching is completed, stitch the rows together, nesting the seams and press.

Finishing your Quilt

Lay out backing fabric, right side down.  Lay wadding on top, smoothing out carefully. Then lay patchwork on top, right side up.  This makes your quilt sandwich, ready to be pinned.  You may use a basting spray if you choose.

Quilt in your preferred pattern then add the binding and hand stitch to the back of the quilt.

There are fully illustrated instructions for quilting and binding at the end of this tutorial. (See pages 5, 6 and 7 instructions).



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