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jelly rolls

I used one of my own 20-strip Rolls which consists 20 x 2.5″ strips (width of fabric).  I sell these and they’re slightly different from those frequently produced by larger fabric houses as mine are a selection of fabrics from different ranges that I think will make a good, well-balanced patchwork.

Here’s a finished quilt, made from 1 20-strip roll (20 strips) and 40″ of focus fabric (pretty little stars), plus a bit more for the border, so about 1.5m of focus fabric, depending on the width of your border.  This quilt measures 145 cm square.

18 Here’s how to make this quilt …

Take 5 strips of fabric and stitch them together with 1/4″ seams.  If you always start at the ‘top’ the fabric will bow as the stitched seams stretch a little, so alternate adding strips to the top and bottom to create a long strip.

TIPFabrics are frequently slightly different widths so make sure you have one end of your long strip, where all the edges line up.  Otherwise you might have shorter widths at both ends and that will compromise your ability to get 4 x 10″ squares from each long strip.

Press with all the seams going in the same direction – it’s easier!  The strips should make a long 10″ wide strip.  Trim if necessary.

Cut into 10″ squares – you’ll get 4 from every long strip.  Cut carefully!

Take the backing fabric and cut into 10″ strips and then 10″ squares – you need to cut carefully to get 4 from every strip.

Take 1 stripey square and 1 square of background fabric.  Place them right sides together (rst).  Stitch 1/4″ seam ALL AROUND the squares.


Cut diagonally one way …


and without moving the square, then the other way.


You will end up with 64 blocks which should measure 10″ square.  Press towards the focus fabric and trim if necessary.


I alternated the direction of the stripes and laid the blocks out in an 8 x 8 format, to make sure there was a good balance of colours throughout the quilt.  Gather them up into rows for easy speed-piecing.  


I piece in rows and then join the rows together and eventually add the border.  I added cornerstones to this one, with some extra fabric that I had to hand.



I used the same method for the Cloud Farm Quilt which consisted of 80 blocks (8 x 10 format).  So I used 1 whole jelly roll (64 squares) plus 5 extra strips and focus fabric (16 squares)

So, with 2 of my Jelly Rolls, you could make Cloud Farm and a smaller quilt in a 6 x 8 block format.  You’d need to adjust the amount of focus fabric and add on more for borders too.

Hope all that makes sense but do shout if I’ve got my sums wrong!!!  Send me photos of your finished quilts if you try this tutorial, by email to

Happy quilting …

Adaliza x


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