Spring is almost here …

03/03/2017 § 1 Comment

Thank you for your kind words and messages about Flora.  I miss her so much.  She was a remarkable creature who brought us joy and made us laugh.  The garden is very quiet but there are signs that Spring is about to leap into action …

I’ve been teaching in my new Garden Room Studio and it’s a very calm, creative space that is much enjoyed by my students …

I do so love this space and yesterday morning, in bright sunshine, I wandered across the patio and into the studio to cut out a quilt – there’s nothing like a short commute to work!!!

This afternoon, after walking the collies I attached the binding to this new quilt that I’ve named Road Trip!  It’s a lovely single quilt in soft blues and greens with bumper-to-bumper cars and a vivid orange binding (to be hand-stitched this evening).

By the way, thank you all for your suggestion for quilt names, last week.  As each one came in I thought ‘That’s the one’ but then as I hanged them up in the new studio I decided on 2  different names – Fly Away is the floating squares 3-d quilt and Elements is the diamond one.

Do you approve???

Have a lovely weekend and see what signs of Spring are appearing in your neck of the woods.


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Rest easy, Flora …

27/02/2017 § 9 Comments


My darling Flora Puddleduck went to sleep today.  I’m heartbroken but take some comfort from knowing that she had a wonderful life and was so much loved and well looked after every day of her little life.  She’d have been 6 this Spring.

A while ago I did a post about her here with links to some of my favourite posts.  When my husband passed away and I didn’t want to blog,  I spoke through Flora who became my guest blogger.  She’s been a constantly cheerful garden companion, a feisty character and a charming member of our family who has regarded me as her Mother Duck, since she first spied me that morning in Cornwall when she was a tiny, newly hatched scrap of feather and beak.

I’ll look back through the hundreds photos of her one day but it’s too soon at the moment.  Today, the garden seems very quiet without her quiet quacking whenever I venture outside.  She used to quack a louder greeting whenever I drew up in the car and Belle has been looking for her in all her secret places this afternoon.

This poem will always be a poignant reminder of my darling Flora Puddleduck …

With a bit of luck, a duck will come into your life.
When you are at the peak of your great powers
And your achievement towers like a smoking chimney stack
There’ll be a quack,
And right at your feet, a
 little duck will stand.

She will take you by the hand and lead you,
Like a child with no defence;
She will lead you into wisdom, joy and innocence.

That little duck.
We wish you luck.

                                                           Michael Leunig


Night, night Flora

Adaliza x

What’s in a name?

24/02/2017 § 11 Comments

well, I can’t answer that because I have no idea what to name this quilt!  Usually a name presents itself to me as I’m stitching and particularly when I’m quilting but this one has been silent.  Do let me have any ideas – what does it make you think about when you see it?


This one finishes my ‘fling’ with solid blocks.  In fact, there are 2 patterns in it as you can see and I think they add some interest.


I finished this one ahead of the other solid quilt (below) which is almost done – just the binding to go here and again nameless!  Must be something in the air that’s not giving me names!  Any ideas???


On my design wall is a Periwinkle quilt with a whole mixture of ditsy vintage prints and I’m loving it.  No photos today ‘cos my memory card has packed up and I’m awaiting the arrival of another from Hong Kong (I wondered why it was such a good price on ebay)!

Flora isn’t too well, still.  She’s fine in herself but her legs have been very weak and one seems to be pretty useless.  She’s on meds from the vet so fingers crossed that she’ll make a recovery.  She’s sleeping at night in my studio – we have quite quacky chats as I’m sewing!!!  Bless her – she’s spent most of today in the sunshine inbetween the ‘hydrotherapy sessions’ in the pond.

Enjoy your weekend.

Adaliza x

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This week …

17/02/2017 § 2 Comments

signs of Spring …


back yard (major) tidy-up …


builder’s yard in need of tlc

and now …

lots of fun and hard work!  I rediscovered a fair few muscles that haven’t been used for a very long time.  There’s just the paving stones to set and some gravel to put down now.

On my design wall this week is …


a patchwork of solid diamonds.  Rather a departure for me, as I like working with patterns but needed to get ‘solids’ out of my head.  There’s a border to add and then it will be quilted with simple diagonals.  There are already plans for the next one which has just been started, and is a mixture of solids & patterns so we’ll see which turns out best – maybe next week.

In other news, Flora Puddleduck isn’t very well.  She’s on medication now and I’m hoping that she’ll soon recover.  I really miss her waddling all around, following me up and down the garden and quacking every time she hears me.


She’s quite sorry for herself, as you can see.  Fingers crossed for a quick recovery.

Have a lovely weekend

Adaliza x

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Today …

11/02/2017 § 2 Comments

I gave a presentation to a Quilt Group at their annual gathering.  When I arrived, there was an air of quiet concentration as the morning workshop session was still underway.  Everyone was creating either a small bag or glasses case.  I was the afternoon speaker and had entitled my talk ‘Patchwork & Quilting – my style’.

I was in the company of some extremely accomplished and experienced quilters (about 70 or so in number) and felt little trepidatious but there were LOADS of questions at the end and some lovely comments too.  I did enjoy it and everyone was chatting along  which was brilliant.

Here are some photos of my favourite quilts that were included in my talk …

Stories of each quilt were told – about the people they were made for and the people who had commissioned them, about the themes and colours that inspire me.  What a fun day!  I’m hoping to meet up with some of the participants again at my workshops.

Snow flurries ensured everyone had an eye on the weather and my final slide seemed to capture the mood …


Enjoy the rest of the weekend – and snuggle up under your quilts to keep warm!


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La La Land …

03/02/2017 § 9 Comments

I went, I watched and I came home!  Have you been to see the latest Hollywood blockbuster?  As I walked out of the cinema I said to my daughter, without any particular enthusiasm “It was a very pretty movie”!  Now, a few days later, I can’t remember anything about it other than that there were SO many close up shots – of what, I can’t remember!  Pretty actors, pretty music, pretty colours – that was about it for me.  Maybe I was missing something?

By a strange coincidence, I have included lots of ‘piano keys’ in my latest quilt and it’s VERY JAZZY (maybe my subconscious has been influenced after all) – what do you think?

Here it was this morning, pieced and hanging over the studio balcony.  Looks a bit like stained glass!  And now, I’ve started quilting in a simple grid which is time-consuming …


It looks a bit wonky, hanging up on my design line here in the studio but I think it’ll work out OK when the quilting is all done and the binding added.  Bright orange for the binding – don’t you think?

I’d quite like to call this quilt La La Land but guess that brand has been well and truly claimed!

It’s dull, raining and generally very dreary here today so I’m hoping it brightens up over the weekend.  If not, then I’ll be doing more patchwork – happy days!


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2 quilts & the gym

20/01/2017 § 10 Comments

Let’s start with the gym …

I’m not a gym-bunny!  I hate gyms!! I don’t go to the gym – did try it a couple of times, but hated it – all of it.

So when I spied through the winter trees an outdoor gym about half a mile from home, why did I suddenly feel excited?  I did – truly – feel excited.  I love being outdoors, it must come from my upbringing in the country in west Wales – I was outdoors from dawn till dusk – school really did get in the way!  Could an outdoor gym be the answer to my need to ‘up the exercise’?  Well I think maybe it could.  This morning, rather tentatively, my friend and I walked up to the playing field and were delighted to find that the equipment was in the sunshine so last night’s hard frost had melted.  We had huge fun for half an hour, trying out all the different pieces of equipment, chatting and laughing.  Our plan is to pop along a few times a week and see what (if any) difference it makes.  Even if the results aren’t noticeable, I’m sure it will be good for us.  What a great idea this is – everything is free and working well.


Quilt finishes …

Summer in the Park is all finished.  I quilted with generously spaced diagonal lines so the quilt drapes beautifully and added a pink rose border.  This is such a fun method of patchworking and I’m teaching a workshop here at my new studio all about this style of patchwork.  I’m aiming to make another couple of quilts too, as there are many variations when piecing the blocks that give very different effects.

The 2nd quilt finish is a commission and I’m calling this quilt Frosty Foxy although it will actually have the new baby’s name embroidered on it.  He arrived during the early hours of an extremely cold and frosty morning, and as the family live in the countryside, the baby’s auntie who commissioned the quilt, thought it would be good to have some reference to the day of his birth.  I chose cool colours with pops of orange to compliment the crisp blues.

I have a quilt kit present almost cut out to send to my blogging friend in the USA and another quilt that’s in the final stages of piecing.  Patchwork is such a fun hobby – endless variations and designs to play with – and all the colours under the sun!

Have a great weekend.  The weather here is glorious at the moment – hard, frosty nights but wonderfully sunny days – bright blue skies without a cloud to be seen.


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