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I love making quilts!

All my finished quilts signify the end of a journey – a journey of ideas and fabrics; colours and patterns; meanings and symbols; design and creation.  At the end of the creative journey a quilt is ready to live – on a bed or over a favourite chair; to snuggle under; to keep toes warm and to bring comfort; an heirloom; a reminder of home.

When you commission a quilt, we will talk about colours and size; a bit about you maybe – where you grew up, things you like, memories, sentiments.  Then I’ll send you some pictures of fabric swatches and colour combinations.

Talks with clients vary from simply ::

“I am hoping you can make a very pink, pretty, girly quilt for a cot bed”  (Rachel’s Quilt)

to much chatting about colours and patterns ::

“I asked for roses and pink base with pastel colours. We called it La Vie En Rose because that is also one of my favourite songs too (Louis Armstrong or Billie Holliday) and the name fits the roses theme. It fits perfectly with cushions and accessories I already had for my bedroom. We’re changing it back to pink, you see. Adaliza kindly incorporated two fabrics I chose so that the quilt would match my existing cushions and dressing table curtains. It looks lovely on my Laura Ashley cream iron bedstead.” (La Vie en Rose Quilt :: testimonial :: gallery)

“My preference is for red base colour.  I am particularly keen to keep the quilt within a ‘Country’ style theme, sharp in colour and with quite a bit of red, as it is my favourite colour.  I am Australian and I’d really like a mix of English/Australian themed patchwork pieces amongst the reds – real Autumn colours of red, gold, blue, green and if you wanted to work in some print squares with horses  or country scenes, that would be brilliant”  (Daydream Believer Quilt:: testimonial :: gallery)

“I’d like a quilt in neutral colours that will suit my bedroom in South Africa – and I want something to remind me of England.” (Rose :: quilt tale)

Sometimes, quilts are commissioned as a special present ::

“I’d like a bed quilt for my grandfather who is almost 90 years old”
“He reminisces with great fondness about his grandparents’ home – a farm in rural Wales, called Withy Hill.  I don’t have a photo of the farm, but it’s up a rough road, surrounded by fields. His family worked hard on the land and must have lived a simple life in their stone cottage”. (Withy Hill Quilt :: testimonial :: gallery :: quilt tale)

“I’d like a quilt for my niece who is two but I’d like it to last her while she’s a child so it would be great if it was suitable for a 12-14 year old.  At the moment she’s very interested in sand castles, bucket and spades, rock pools and sea life. I really liked the style of sailing quilt I saw last week, because you could really enjoy the pictures which were enhanced by the quilting which framed it.  I was also wondering if if might be possible to incorporate her name?”  (Daisie’s Quilt)

“I’m from [major UK publishing house], and we’re looking for someone to make a quilt for a potential celebrity author, for a Christmas present. We’d like to suggest personalised squares on it. Is this something you might be able to do for us?”  (Bookworm Quilt :: comments :: gallery)

So you and your ideas will become part of your quilt.  Patches may include embroidered sentiments and personalised applique Then, when you’ve formally placed your commission, I work – designing and piecing, pinning and quilting, finally adding a hand-stitched binding and a name label if you wish.  I’m always happy to suggest a name for your quilt, as a name often comes to me as I work. You choose though – it’s your quilt.

As I work, the fabrics and patterns will merge into a wonderful patchwork – I’m sure the fabrics talk as they pass through my hands.

Every commission quilt is unique – created by me, especially for you.
An heirloom to be treasured.

Quilt Testimonials from my clients

Please email me if you’d like to commission a quilt :: shop@adaliza.co.uk
I’d love to hear from you.


§ 4 Responses to Quilt Commissions

  • Catherine Watson says:

    Val, I am leaving a belated and whopping THANK YOU for my beautiful 4 commissioned quilts. You know how much I adore them all and that I cried when you gave me every one of them. For you to finish 4 huge quilts in a very short time frame that I gave you was simply astounding. You realised my dream of memory quilts made from the wierdest bits and pieces of fabric that other quilters would not touch with a barge pole, let alone a needle!
    You took on this simply mahoosive project during a particularly difficult time for yourself and never once wavered in your determination to do the most amazing justice to all of the beautiful clothing. Your finished quilts with their personalised embroideries were so gorgeous and mine took pride of place on the wall at my recent wedding. Everyone who has seen them has said how amazing they are and now friends are collecting clothing rather than selling it on.
    I always wanted to be able to see the beautiful childhood memories and not have them stuffed up in the loft. What you have made for us has surpassed every vision I had and given me the chance to move on with my life and keep my memories in my quilt.
    The twins had theirs for their 18th birthdays and my daughter has taken a little bit of home off to university. I could wax lyrical about you all day Val. I have come to know you well and consider you to be a great friend – kindred spirits perhaps. My love and thanks always. Catherine.


  • adaliza says:

    Thank you so much – I loved creating all your quilts, with so many amazing fabrics and especially designing those special squares. I’m so pleased that the twins love theirs too. Yours was a very special commission and one that I’ll always have Happy Memories of making.


  • Nina Sharp says:

    I am looking to have a quilt commissioned made up of my sons baby grows / memorable clothing. I would like to know if this is possible and how I would go about doing this. Many thanks


  • adaliza says:

    Hi Nina – I have emailed you. Please let me know if it didn’t get through to your inbox. My email is shop@adaliza.co.uk so drop me a line and I can let you have more details.


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