Feeling lucky …

10/02/2013 § 26 Comments

I was, and I won an amazing prize!

Firstly, I must thank Wendy of 1st Unique Gifts who has organised the Handmade Monday link-up (over 100 of them) and who set up Handmade Harbour “It’s a friendly place for the handmade community with interviews, tutorials, craft business advice and more.”

I can’t quite remember when I first joined in with Handmade Monday, but I soon realised the huge benefits that result from popping over to see what other ‘creatives’ have been up to, catching up with their projects large & small, seeing their amazing completed works and leaving (and receiving) cheery comments.  Secretly, I suspect that Wendy is an awesome character, even though we’ve never met.   To run a business and create such a buzz for others requires a very special set of skills, a strong character and a keen interest in people.

Leaving a comment, to enter one of the celebratory 100 Handmade Monday giveaways, I crossed my fingers and HOPED I’d win.  The prize was something I really needed and it had come along with just-perfect timing.

“A Personalised Marketing Plan”

This giveaway is a really exciting one for anyone running a small handmade business!

Mike Carthew  and Anna Ward, authors of Commercial Creatives and owners of Two Red Trees are offering the following to someone running a creative business:

a personalised assessment of one lucky winner’s work, marketing and online strategy.  It will cover customer profiling, copywriting, SEO, photography, etc., and will lead to a marketing strategy for the winner.

and I won!

What a fantastic prize.  Mike has been in touch and asked lots of sensible, leading questions.  I’m having a good think about the answers!  Many thanks to Mike and Anna for offering their time for this prize.

I’m excited and am full of hope that during this year my little Adaliza textile hobby-business will grow, and flourish.  I think of Adaliza as rather like my bay tree – she arrived in a tiny pot which I sometimes forgot to water, any care I gave her was rewarded with new shoots & leaves, since outgrowing her pot, she’s now planted in the garden and at this point, my beautiful bay tree grew and grew.  Adaliza – you’ve just been planted out – put down your roots and reach for the stars!

There’s another chance to win the prize again here (there’s a link to the magazine where it’s offered).

Now, I’ve got a quilt to finish and a huge crochet blanket with just a couple more rows to go, PLUS some questions to answer, a calendar of fairs to organise and some amazing fabric that I’m not allowing myself to even look at until current WIPs are completed!

Do pop over to see what everyone else has been up to at Handmade Monday 103 – and join in!

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day

Adaliza x


100 Handmade Mondays …

20/01/2013 § 8 Comments

Break out the champagne & bunting, balloons & streamers …

it’s Handmade Monday and it’s very special ‘cos it’s Wendy’s 100th Handmade Monday!


Congratulations!  Many thanks, Wendy, for hosting all of us over at the Handmade Harbour and giving everyone the chance to meet up and compare makes, recipes & ideas.

My week has been busy (and snowy):

Happy:Smiley Wk 3 moments

Snow Day

Flora’s Snow Day

Here’s to the next 100!!!

Adaliza x

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