Lovely Lainston House …

18/07/2016 § 5 Comments

Yesterday, I relived some of the happiest memories ever when I revisited Lainston House Hotel in the village of Sparsholt, near Winchester.  Happy memories – indeed – it’s where we held our wedding reception many years ago and it was a day I hold right up there amongst the best in my life!

wedding day

Gosh, I was a skinny thing in those days!  The avenue of trees stretches down from the front lawn of the house with spectacular views of the Hampshire countryside.

terrace 2


I wasn’t just visiting yesterday though, a Family Food Festival had been organised and I was a stallholder …

stand 7

stand 4

Flora came too – on a cushion!

A stage had been set up on the front lawn and the Military Wives Choir and Military Band entertained the crowds.  On the South Lawn a demonstration area had been set up for cookery demonstrations throughout the day.  It was SO busy – everyone had a wonderful time and on my way home, I had a wander around the grounds and discovered a wonderful garden, planted since our special day with borders in full and glorious bloom …

garden 5

garden 4

Oh, it was a good day!  So many lovely people to talk to,  friends popping by to say hello throughout the day too.  Hope you had a lovely Sunday – we’re having a mini heatwave here at the moment and I’m cutting out quilt kits on the patio in the sunshine. What a way to spend a day!

I’ll be back with photos of my latest quilts, very soon.


What’s in a name?

11/10/2015 § 2 Comments


I grew up hearing about my great-grandmother who was called Adaliza.  She was my grandfather’s mother.  My maternal grandfather and grandmother lived with us so I heard about his family as he stayed in touch with his brothers (all 8 of them) and his only sister Lily, Adaliza’s 9th child and only girl.

I remember, some years ago, deciding that I wanted to give my sewing hobby a name.  I wanted to keep my own name private, especially as I was teaching full-time and didn’t want my lovely nosey 6th form students knowing all about what I was making in my spare time, as a hobby!

One day, I can remember it so clearly, I had popped home for lunch and had decided that ‘today was the day’.  I had so little time to think – I was going to register a domain for a website – and it was going to be done before afternoon classes began back at college (in about 20 minutes’ time).

I looked out of the window, thought about what I wanted in a name – something English, traditional, easy to spell, something that meant something to me – and like a ray of sunshine, Adaliza sprang into my mind.  I worked fast to complete the registration and went back into the staffroom with a huge smile saying to my friends “I’ve got a website, and I’m calling it Adaliza”.

Very recently, during the past couple of months, my Dad said he’d found some papers amongst my grandfather’s documents including a cutting from a local newspaper about the funeral arrangements for my great-grandmother, from well before I was born.  Her name was actually Adeliza.

I’d never seen it written down, just heard it spoken and I spelt it as it sounded.  So, my Adaliza is a misspelling of my great-grandmother’s name Adeliza.

A quick scout around the internet has revealed some fairly well-connected Adeliza’s:

William I’s daughter, Adeliza
Adeliza of Louvain, Queen and wife of King Henry I

Blue blood in the family?  I suspect not, but it’s been interesting to find out more about the name.  I’m going to keep my misspelt version – it’s unique and I actually love it.

Do you have any name stories to tell?

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Adaliza x

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