Jolly Farm Tractors & Sweet Peas

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I’m going to join with Finish it up Friday a little later on this afternoon and after watching busy tractors over on the farmland where I walk the collies every day, I was inspired to make this jolly quilt …


It’s been a busy few weeks on the land, gathering in the corn crops, baling up the straw and then harrowing the stubble back into the ground and getting it ready for ploughing and sowing again.  I think the weather has been kind to the farmers this year – we’ve had weeks of brilliant weather and the warmth of the sunshine has ripened the fruit and veggies in the garden so J2 and I have enjoyed many meals from our own backyard!

Occasionally I find a piece of vintage fabric that brings back happy memories and old Laura Ashley cottons are right up there amongst my favourites.  When I spied a piece of untouched vintage fabric in the famous Sweet Pea pattern, I gathered together a few other vintage pieces from my collection and hey presto – a quilt happened!!!

This one’s called … guess what??? … Sweet Pea!
Do you have a favourite vintage LA fabric?  I SOooo loved Emma and until quite recently had some in my bedroom before moving over to a more subtle grey scheme.

I’m off to Salisbury Artisan’s Market this weekend – just as the weather breaks, and then next weekend will be busy with Alton Makers’ Market on 10th and Taste of Wickham Festival on 11th – all go!  No rest for the wicked etc!!!

Enjoy your weekend whatever the weather

Adaliza x



Anniversary Quilt

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This is a commissioned quilt – a 25th Anniversary Wedding present.  I’m only posting a couple of photos as it’s being delivered tomorrow, when I’m hoping the weather will stay ‘set fair’ for the Alton Makers’ Market.

Here it is …

I spent a blissful day yesterday, in the sunshine hand-stitching all around the 8m binding! But I had company …


Flora was fascinated as I sat with this huge quilt over my lap.  She’s not used to me sitting down for so long at once and kept pecking at my feet!  Eventually she decided to sunbathe from the verandah and just watch!!  (She was 5 years old last weekend).

I’ll post some other photos after it’s been delivered and maybe we’ll take a stroll around the garden too – everything’s beginning to grow like crazy out there!

Have a lovely weekend and do pop by and say Hello if you’re visiting Alton.

Adaliza x

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Blue Grass …

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it’s a quilt – for cowboys!

cowboy patchwork quilt

cowboy patchwork quilt

cowboy patchwork quilt

The colours remind me of prairie cowboys and the focus fabric has bucking broncos galloping across the western plains, lassos whirling!  It’s a perfect single bed quilt for a little boy who dreams of becoming a cowboy when he’s grown up – and this is a ‘college’ style quilt that could easily be taken off to university, as a reminder of home comforts.

I’ll be taking this quilt with me to Alton Makers’ Market tomorrow and some cheeky little foxes will be coming too …

Little Foxes patchwork quilt

I’m really enjoying getting out and about at the weekends, though I didn’t have far to go last Sunday as the Antiques Vintage & Retro market made it’s monthly appearance on Winchester’s High Street.  It was a beautiful day, with just a hint of warmth in the Spring sunshine.

Adaliza's Patchwork Quilt Stall

In the garden, colour is beginning to appear in the Spring bulbs …

Red Tulips

and a secretive visitor was ‘spotted’ in my curly willow tree  …


down by the pond, the snowdrops have disappeared, the daffs are in full bloom alongside the later flowering and taller ‘Snowflake’ snowdrops – and the bluebells are almost out


Enjoy your weekend.


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Sports-themed quilt

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If you happened to enquire about a sports-themed quilt in Alton on Saturday, and left your email address, I’ve been unable to contact you via email so thought I’d leave a note here so you can make contact with me.

My email address is:

Here are a few of the fabrics that I’ve found that might be suitable for your grandson:


rugby balls




Alton was wonderful, as ever yesterday.  For those of you who may not be local, Alton is a bright, vibrant market town in Hampshire with many independent stores.  Weekly markets are held on Tuesdays but once a month, on the 2nd Saturday to be precise, the top of the High Street is closed to allow the Farmers’ Market to come to town. So many amazing stalls with cakes and preserves, pies and quiches, butchers and bakers and plantsmen (and women) lining the streets under their colourful stripy canopies.


Alton Town Council photo

On the same day as the Farmers’ Markets, the Alton Lions organise the Craft and Makers Market, providing gazebos for those without their own, though many of us roll up with the whole cha bang – gazebo, bunting, tables and stands and of course, our stock.   It’s a long day for me and hard work setting up and taking down but yesterday the sun was shining and the crowds were out.  I met some wonderful people to chat to as well as friendly fellow stall-holders.  It’s a great starter market for ‘proper’ makers (Carole is very strict about everything on the stall having been ‘made’ – absolutely no bought in goods allowed).  If you’re a maker in Hampshire or thereabouts and would like to dip your toe into the pond of selling direct to your customers, then why not give it a go.  There’s a website and application form here.

In the meantime, if you’re the lady who enquired about a sports-themed quilt for your grandson, then do get in touch as I can’t contact you.  Or if you’re not ‘that’ lady but would like to commission a quilt, then pop an email into my inbox and I’ll be happy to discuss a bespoke quilt for you.  I’ll be closing my book for commissions in mid-September this year, to allow myself time to build up my stock for the Winchester Cathedral Christmas Market.  Yes – I’m planning it already and will need lots of stock as I have a stall in the prestigious British Crafts Village section of the market by the ice-rink.  Can’t wait!


Christmas is coming! Photo from

Enjoy your week – I’m off to cut out some more quilts!

Adaliza x

Alton Market Day …

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Saturday 12 July, Alton Town Centre
10 – 3 pm 
The Farmers’ Market is in town too!

Here are some of my goodies, going to market …

stacks of cushions

stacks of cushions


Who's been sitting in my chair?

Mummy Bear’s chair

Make yourself at home

put your feet up and RELAX!

one for the kitchen chair or windowseat

one for the kitchen chair or windowseat

a perfect wedding gift

a perfect wedding gift

if only!!!

if only!!!

definitely the motto for every summer's day

definitely the motto for every summer’s day

There are lots of quilts and pictures going to market too.  Do try to pop along and say ‘Hello’.

Adaliza x

PS  Please cross everything and wish for some sunshine.

Summer in the City …

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A new quilt!

It’s sizzling hot in the city – pink & orange, coloured houses, cool blue lakes and green parks …

Summer in the City quilt SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC

Unlike in the song, there’s a shadow (of my willow tree) in the city!

On Saturday, Alton was a ‘Hot Town’ and my stall was busy, busy, busy …


It was great to be back, setting out my cushions and quilts, pin cushions and sewing baskets.  I’d upcycled a little picnic basket complete with dolly’s china tea set – very pink and pretty with polka dots and ribbons.  It found a new home and is now in the possession of a new Little Miss who will be hosting many summer tea parties.

New customers, visitors and regulars all came to have a chat.  I wore my Cornish sunhat and it was HOT, Hot, hot.

We’ve been jaunting, too – more in the next post with some photos of a glorious English manor house.

Enjoy all the sunshine!

Adaliza x

Winter draws on …

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It’s frosty this morning and my breath made misty clouds when I went to let Flora out of her cosy henhouse.  It’s still and serene – a misty chill cloaks the air beyond the windows and doors – and the garden has a curious glowing tinge of silver mixed with gold.  There’s a magic about November.  Our white birch tree is completely bare and her slender, pale limbs seem to disappear up into the clouds.

Inspired by the season, I wanted to capture our tree as the leaves turned to gold and fluttered down …

Yesterday, autumn trees and hearts lined up in their box frames on my stall at Alton’s Makers’ Market!  The drizzle had stopped by the time we’d set up and a busy day followed, with the Farmers’ Market in full swing and a packed Market Square, buzzing with art & craft stalls.

In other news …

Did you hear about the sheepdog that sold recently at auction for £8,000 guineas (£8,400)? It was a record sale and Midge has gone to live in Suffolk with her new shepherd.

We thought we detected a certain likeness …

What do you think?  Could Belle be worth thousands of pounds? She’s never seen a sheep, but she loves the duck!  We’ve always said that she looks as though she’s been ‘designed by committee’, and has just about grown into her ears – but it’s taken years!  Don’t you think she bears an uncanny resemblance to Midge?  Maybe she could make a living as a ‘screen double’ – for scenes that don’t involve herding sheep, obviously!

The Suffolk shepherd, in an interview, explained that even though Midge was incredibly valuable she would be living outdoors so that she grows a thick coat.  I had to miss that bit out when I read it to Belle, otherwise she’d have nightmares …

I love a sofa with lots of cushions!

Really? Some sheepdogs don’t have a sofa to sleep on? Nightmare!

Our collies may not do the job they were bred for, but they still have important work to do each day – guarding the house, exercising their humans, herding the duck, welcoming family when they come home, watching my every move and understanding every word we say (even when we’re not talking to them).  I’ll swear that Misty can spell ‘cos when I subtly say to Himself that we’re going “O-U-T” or it’s time to “F-E-E-D” the dogs, she dashes either to where we keep their leads, or the sack of dog food in the kitchen!  Intelligent or what? She usually works out what we’re doing next faster than Himself!!!

Have a lovely week ahead and enjoy what’s left of the weekend.  We’re going for “W-A-L-K-I-E-S” in the chilly sunshine!

Adaliza x

PS – pop over to see what’s happening for Handmade Monday at the Handmade Harbour site.  I love Wendy’s opening line – “It’s been one helluva week!”

Remember, remember …

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It’s almost the 5th of November and fireworks have been going off and lighting up the night sky.  Our collies are very good and although they threaten to bark, we encourage them to come to sit next to us by the sofa and that seems to do the trick.  Belle isn’t a nervous type at all and Misty is fine as long as she’s close to us!  The weather’s turned and it’s freezing cold – today’s Retro market in Winchester was called off because the torrential rain had led to some flooding.  A far cry from our last brilliant morning in Cornwall yesterday when a rainbow appeared over the headland …

Back home and we’re ready to celebrate on the 5th November – it’s my birthday!!!
If you’re not sure about the history of Guy Fawkes then there’s a bit more info here – Gunpowder, treason and plot!

It seemed a shame to waste my very early start (and return from the abandoned fair this morning), I’ve had a lovely time unpacking little treasures that I acquired on holiday last week – here’s my favourite find …


A lovely old butter dish!

More unpacking followed, as a package had been delivered while we were away – recognise the design?

Gypsy Rose crochet blanket on a mousemat, when she was a work in progress – hence the crochet hook!

And some calendars that I’ve had printed for the family – here’s what I hope we’ll all be sharing in a year’s time …

Rose Quilt calendar picture for November 2013, on Rose Quilt!

I also caught up on a bit more sewing, now that my sewing room is once more fully stocked with new fabrics and the sewing machine safely installed on the desk by the window, after her trip to Cornwall!

A winter woodland scene …



The fires are alight to keep us warm, the collies are cuddled up and Flora has a deep bed of meadow hay in her henhouse, to keep her warm in the night.

Enjoy Bonfire Night and pop over to Wendy’s Handmade Monday to see what everyone else is up to.

Have a lovely week – Alton fair next Saturday!

Adaliza x


With a waddle and a quack …

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and much flapping …

Flappy duck

Flora got fed up being photographed on the garden bench!

“There’s good long grass with lots of lovely bugs, just waiting for me to gobble them up.  I’ve been here for 30 seconds and I’m off.”

In a flap, she landed and, because Flora can’t actually fly (too fat), she bumped her chin!  Then straight into Hyper Waddle, all the way back to the apple tree, to scourge the grass for tasty bugs!

Just before she flapped off though …






We had a little chat about what I was doing with the clicky-thing and whether I was really going to make her a headscarf, to wear on Christmas day!  We love our clucky chats, but I think that Flora loves bugs-in-the-grass more …



She’s still laying eggs (and hiding them around the garden in secret nests) and a couple, fried on top of crisp toast, were just the ticket for C who popped in on her way back up North.  It was lovely to see my great friend, over from the States yesterday, too.  We shared an evening of catch-up, long overdue, and I went home from my favourite Brasserie Blanc with a warm glow – tasty food, great company and shared stories about sewing machines and quilting!

Back to the sewing machine(s) now, to replenish stock for this weekend’s fairs (yes, it’s plural) …

Saturday in Alton – Craft Market & Farmers Market
Sunday in Winchester – Special Christmas Market & Farmers Market

Much sewing to be done,
Friends, family and fun …

Adaliza x

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