Busy, busy …

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Some days seem to have so much packed into them and today has been one of them!

Back in December I met Pauline from the Monteagle Gallery in Yateley.  She and her daughter admired my textile stall at one of the Winchester Christmas markets and we got chatting.  I was invited over to discuss a show at the gallery – for the whole of February.  So, off we set this morning for a bit of a trek across the north of Hampshire to find Monteagle, which is absolutely super …

Monteagle GalleryTeashop at Monteagle Gallery

We’re all sorted, I used my new Quilters diary for the first time – the dates are set …

Adaliza @ Monteagle Gallery

Yateley, Hants

3 – 29 February 2012

Open 9 am – 4 pm weekdays

10 am – 2 pm Saturdays

There’s a lovely little teashop too!

On the jaunt westward and homeward, I felt the need to not return quite yet! Do you ever get that feeling?  The sun was shining, it was cold and bright, a certain sense of freedom filled me and, as I was at the wheel, we veered off towards Alton!

Now, you all know I love Alton.  The scene of many a craft market (they start in March btw), but today as usual on the 2nd Saturday of each month, the High Street was buzzing with activity in the form of the Farmers Market.  I met up with one of my favourite stallholders – one of the ‘ladies on the corner’ who bakes!  A few nibbles made their way into my basket and then a quick skip round and about, followed by a light lunch at a coffee shop and a visit to the lovely wool shop on the hill (only 3 Lima alpacas came home with me) and we were off again.

I made the little brooch earlier in the week, and was wearing it today on my Welsh wool vintage coat!  I thought it deserved a photo moment or two …

Not quite ready to steer straight ahead, we made a detour to Alresford, and on the way …


I spotted a field with some of the cutest Section A Welsh ponies.  They’re all hairy and obviously very well cared for – just look at those neatly trimmed hooves and well-covered bellies.  They all marched over, as soon as I stopped the car – swerving rather erratically into a muddy gateway and waking the Housework Fairy, who’d drifted off into the land-of-nod – “Why have we stopped?”  he enquired, then looking around, he spotted the ponies and asked no more!

Onward to the market town of Alresford where I just popped into a fabric shop to stock up on my cushion supplies …

Cushion fabrics

Oh no, the receipt is visible on top of my haul – must sort that out immediately and hide it!  “You spent HOW MUCH?” – I can hear it now!

Then home in time to take the collies out for a run to Farley Mount and give Flora a cuddle just after dark on her way to the henhouse.  Did you see the moon tonight?  It’s just a shade off being a complete orb – January’s Storm Moon – magical!

Time to fill the house with lantern lights and wish my ever-growing number of baboshkas a “Good Evening” then rearrange the little pewter duck that I treated myself to in Stockbridge yesterday afternoon.  She’s a new addition to my pewter clock and tiny pony collection on the mantlepiece!

Yes, I’ve been jaunting on 2 consecutive days – what a great start to the New Year!

Then a cosy evening with friends – HF rustled up an amazing chicken murgh masala from a Keith Floyd recipe – really special with loads of ginger!  Now I’m going to fuss about with some patchwork on the kitchen table, until bedtime when dreams of quilting and ponies will undoubtedly fill my head!

Night, night …

Adaliza x

Alton in September …

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Great to see so many friends in Alton today.

I took some super photos …



Who’s a silly girl then?  I did take some super photos – a baby sweetie pie all snuggled up in her new Sweetie Pie quilt, a happy scarecrow cushion and blissful pink sequinned butterfly  cushion plus some snaps of my stand.

I’ve just picked up the camera to upload them and show you what you missed – if you couldn’t be there and guess what – I’d left the camera memory card at home in the laptop!

You’ll just have to use your imagination – it was a lovely day (well, morning anyway) as the rain caught up with us this afternoon and we packed up a bit earlier than planned.  The scarecrow and butterfly will begin a long journey to the USA in time for Christmas and if you want to send me any photos of happy recipients, or snuggly babies or super sofas & day beds adorned with cushions, then I’d be delighted to receive them!

I’ll remember to check that in future.  Well, there’s always next weekend – Winchester Art & Design-led Market next Sunday 10-4.

I’m off to enjoy my 3rd cup of tea and slice of delish apricot jam victoria sponge – thank you ‘ladies on the corner’!  Oh, I forgot – to put my feet up too!

Best laid plans – the dogs haven’t been out, so there’s another job – no peace for the wicked (I must be VERY bad)!!!

Adaliza x

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