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This afternoon, the clouds cleared …viewto reveal views that took my breath away and remind us that Autumn’s golden cloak, jewelled with berries sweeps ever closer –
only a breath away until the end of the summer  …235



Today marks the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain and to mark the occasion Spitfires and Hurricane aircraft from WWII flew a series of routes over the south of England.  I was lucky enough to catch just a glimpse as I walked the collies.




It’s the simple things …

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in life that sometimes give the most pleasure …

Autumn walks, wild ponies, collies splashing in puddles, little ducks!








meet Fred!


Yes, I do love the Autumn and especially November.  I can’t leave my birthday duck anywhere other than on the front doorstep as Flora would undoubtedly recognise a fellow ducky and make amorous advances!

Gorgeous rich colours, crisp and crunchy leaves, sunshine after showers – you might say that
I’m as happy as a Pig in Muck!

Enjoy your week – embrace Autumn!

Adaliza x

October …

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Things to do:
draw the curtains # light the fire # dim the lamps # collect the apples # walk through leaves # splash in puddles # find my rainhat # grey early morning light # cyclamen under the apple trees # make flapjack # pick the apples # rosehips # make jam # bubbling chutney # apple pie # break out the blankets # cover the pond with netting # fill the bird-feeders # plant bulbs # winter pansies # teasels # walk the dogs in the early afternoon # dust off my cardigans # bring at least one quilt down to the sofa to keep my toes warm in the evenings # put Flora to bed before supper # wear red # wear mittens # wear wellies every day # make lists # gaze at cobwebs jewelled with dew …

Garden Teasel

Garden Teasel

Things to make:
quilts # homespun cushions # Christmas presents # design 2014 calendar # more quilts # teacosies # crochet another blanket # make more quilts # pincushions # Christmas stockings # new stuff for my stall # more quilts

I love lists … and Autumn – cosy on down!

Adaliza x

Wonderful day out in Bath …

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We’ve been out and about – jaunting!

I love that word – a bumble-along through the countryside avoiding major roads, through English villages and country towns, past meadows of well-rounded sheep and cattle and grazing ponies, alongside woods with trees just darkening their greens and turning to russet shades almost before our eyes, behind busy tractors with fresh soil clinging to harrows and ploughs.

The destination is important – and yesterday, it was right up there with my favourite places ever – the city of Bath!

I had a bit of time to myself, after we arrived, to visit 3 of my favourite shops  –

Grasse (I returned home with another little duck, this time in stone)!

Wool (you can guess what I treated myself to in here)!

Country Threads (limited myself to a few half-metres of amazing fabrics – what a choice)!

We had a quick coffee in the indoor market, gazed over at the Weirs and a pleasure boat carrying out a difficult turning manoeuvre which left the stern perilously close to the first waterfall (they were attached by a rope to the shore, but it looked exciting), I dashed hither and thither (Himself wasn’t up to dashing about and had more coffee + a sit down), and then we had lunch.

It was a late lunch –  we were joined by our youngest who you may remember moved to Bristol a few weeks ago.  We met up at a brilliant Italian restaurant which doesn’t appear to have a website that I can link to – I think they may have just changed their name.  Anyway, excellent food (J had a super steak), great atmosphere and many tales of what he’s up to in his new home (probably an abridged version, but that’s just fine, he looked well) and a catch up with our news of home, collies and Flora (who wasn’t that impressed by Ducky, when introduced later in the day)!  Gosh she’s about 3 times the size of Ducky who’s quite a chunky Mallard-sized stone specimen, himself!

Flora’s going through one of her ‘independent’ stages – sometimes she’s quite cuddly and affectionate, but these past few weeks she marches about, quacking loudly and refuses to be cuddled without protesting.  I would never have imagined that keeping a pet duck could be so absorbingly interesting – and amusing.

One of my favourite things about Bath is that all my favourite places & shops are still there (since this well-documented visit last year) – I didn’t have time in a day to jaunt absolutely everywhere, as I do on weekend visits, but it was a wonderful day out and we were welcomed home by dozy, warm dogs (they sleep a lot when we’re out) and Flora quacking and a-tapping on the back door!

Ah – I need today (Sunday) to recover and reflect on that lovely day out and put Ducky into his ‘place’ on the patio, alongside a stone planter with my lucky horseshoe and pebbles!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Adaliza x

PS – more photos of Bath in this post Looking Up

Summertime – going, going …

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not quite gone!

Happy memories of a wonderful season here in Hampshire, my home in Wales, Devon, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire …


Last night on the weather forecast (which is really good for the weekend – yippee), the presenter said that for statistical purposes, summer ends tomorrow – 31 August.  But Mother Nature signals the passing of a season in so many more subtle ways than merely by a date.  The signs have been creeping up for a week or so.  From a few degrees of heat-loss throughout the day, dewy mornings, ripening fruit on the trees and bushes and our own special season indicator – our white birch tree.  This magnificent specimen which graces our lawn, and from which over the years, swings have swung, teenagers have huddled and ducks have nested (well one duck anyway), has developed a decidedly golden tinge – if I was painting in watercolours, there would be significantly more gold than green in the mix!

Tomorrow evening we’ll wave goodbye to summer and all that she has shared with us.  It’s been wonderful and I’ve loved every minute.  Autumn is my very favourite season of the year though I never quite know why.  The colours, I think are closest to my heart – auburn leaves, russet fruit and golden browns with a misty cloak drawn over magical mornings, sparkling cobwebs and the need to wear wools again, after weeks of cottons and linens.  Yes, I love the autumn.

I finished an amazing shawl/scarf for myself last week and will show you very soon.  I’m working on another one in the evenings as I simply love, love, love working with lace-weight yarn at the moment.  I haven’t yet photographed all the quilts I made over the summer, but I’ll have to get on with it as it’s the first fair of the Autumn in Winchester on Sunday.  The Vintage & Retro market will be in full swing so if you’re passing by, then stop and say hello.  I hope others will be looking forward to snuggling up and decide to treat themselves to a quilt!

Bye bye summertime, hello Autumn!


In the bag …

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I’ve been bag-making over the last few days …

Rust Shoulder Bag

Black Wool Shoulder bag

I designed and made some handbags earlier in the year and received lovely comments about them.  This time, I’ve designed a shoulder bag.   I move around a bit with my textile passions so, last week it was scarecrows and quilts and this week it’s bags!  I do like a bag that’s pretty on the inside too …

and must have pockets for phone, pens, notebooks etc etc etc etc!

I’ve been raiding my stash of wools and corduroys to make these – how I LOVE LOVE LOVE wools!

All my October calendar pictures are bringing out the homebird in me and I want to make the house warm & cosy, but all the windows are open and I’m in a summer skirt and no cardi!

I brought in an autumny handful of blooms this morning, just to remind me that it’s OCTOBER ALREADY – despite the thermometer telling me it’s June!

Kitchen table

Now there’s a tidy corner of the kitchen table!  The sale catalogue from yesterday, still fairly pristine, not well-thumbed like my usual auction catalogues.  No sooner had I brought them in than I had to take the flowers outside again ‘cos it wasn’t bright enough in the kitchen for a decent photo!

That’s more like it!

Love that vase – one of a pair found in a charity shop the other day for the princely sum of £4.50 – for the pair!!!

A quick catch up on weekend news – a bit of a disappointment yesterday.  The rural auction – a biannual event held in a field in the midst of Hampshire – was not what it used to be.  I haven’t been for a few years and when we drew up mid-morning, we found a surprisingly small crowd gathered around the auctioneer.  The lots were quite interesting and I took some photos that I’ll share later in the week.

My saddle came home again – thank goodness I put a reserve on it!  To tell the truth – I’m really pleased it’s back.  HF is slightly worried that a horse will appear – just the right size for the saddle (it’s usually the other way round, in my experience) – but never say never!

Off to enjoy the sunshine while it lasts – maybe a trip out in Dolly later.  “Dolly?” I hear you ask – well you’ll have to pop back to meet her too and no, she doesn’t have 4 legs!

Pop over to see what we’ve all be up to this week at Wendy’s blogspot and Handmade Monday.  A week of solid evening sewing awaits me – 2 fairs next weekend – Alton on Saturday and Blackmoor Apple Day on Sunday and undoubtedly some more bags.  I may not be around next Sunday night to post so …

enjoy it while it lasts, the sun’s still shining brightly here …

Adaliza x

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Autumniness in the Forest …

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Bramble berries & russet oak, fallen giants & forest ferns …

Bramble Berries

Russet Oak

Fallen Forest Giant

Forest Ferns

Plump ponies, tiny forest-floor blossoms & marvellous cappuccino-coloured fungus …

New Forest Pony

Forest Floor Flowers


The New Forest is amazing at this time of year.  Abundant wildlife, enjoying the feasts of brambles and haws; festive berries just turning ripe and lots of fun in the mud & puddles …

Forest View

Holly for Christmas

Bog Dog

Enjoying a splash

Playing in the Forest

Autumn is my favourite season of the year.  There’s still some summer-warmth in the sun’s rays but there’s also expectation of the need to conserve & preserve the fat & fruits of the harvest.  There’s the awakening of some long-mellowed instinct to create a warm and cosy home, ready for the frosty mornings and frozen nights.

I need to gather berries, make jam, break out the blankets and bask in the few remaining moments of warmth in the sun.  Time for wellies & walking boots – and a clothes peg for my nose as we travel home with 2 very smelly collies!

Adaliza x

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