A walk in the New Forest …

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plus lots of splashing, chasing, fighting over a stick and having lots of fun!

Our girls’ favourite place to run and splash has to be the New Forest.

Just imagine how lovely they smelled in the back of the car on the way home!!!

Happy Days!  Hope you’re enjoying your week.

Adaliza x

PS – the dragon is destined to go onto a taupe & pink stripey cushion so I’m off for a bit of me time in the sewing studio. I’ll show you the result when I’m done!

Sunny Sunday …

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It’s been a lovely day. 

Hope you’ve enjoyed your Sunday, too.  

Adaliza x


Baby, it’s cold outside …

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So it’s a good thing that some of us can spend the best part of the day with our feet up on the sofa,
warm and snuggly on a patchwork quilt …

or on a warm rug, just waiting for that blanket to drape over Missus’ lap
and keep our ears warm!

Belle & Misty love a warm house when it’s freezing outside.  And boy, is it freezing outside?
You bet!
I reckon the troika scenes on my Russian lacquer boxes are not so far removed from reality!
Minus 26 degrees in Moscow – seriously brrrrrrrr!

The boxes appear when it first feels like winter and share our low side table with candles, Russian pottery bunnies and Stargazer, by Dawn Benson – here, catching the first rays of the winter sun through the window.  They’ll stay out until Spring has officially arrived!

Meanwhile, on the patio …
Flora continues to eye up the watering can as a potential mate!
I can sort of see that the shape of it is similar to a handsome drake!
She just loves this thing and flirts outrageously with it, especially first thing in the morning.

Stay warm – it’s really cold outside!

Adaliza x

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