Quilts – January 2014

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January's quilts

January’s quilts

January was dismal, weatherwise.  I did a lot of quilting whilst listening to weather reports, flood warnings and hearing stories about the dreadful flooding just a county or so to the west of us.  February has started in a similar vein with gales and storms crashing through every couple of days or so.  One day in every 4 or 5 seems to be calmer with sunny spells – yesterday was just such a day.  I nipped outside with my camera, accompanied by my garden companion – Flora Puddleduck!

Flora Puddleduck

Flora Puddleduck

Flora was very impressed by the stack of quilts and I fancy, she would rather like to have one of her own, in her little house.  “No such luck Flora – your nest is lovely and warm with meadow hay and a deep bed of shavings!”

Back to the quilts …

Patchwork Quilts

Here are a few, in no particular order …

Chickadee Quilt …

Chickadee Quilt

with fat hens, baby chicks and lots of daisies



Lullaby Quilt …

Lullaby Quilt

with glorious butterflies, luscious flowers and bright pastels (you know what I mean)

Lullaby Quilt

Lullaby quilt

Barndance Quilt …

Barndance Quilt

with cowboys, waggons and bright primary colours

Barndance Quilt

Barndance Quilt

That’s all for the moment.  The others are over here if you’d like to see all of them, but there are some pressing matters to deal with atm – another storm is howling outside and there have been a few crashes whilst I’ve been tapping away.  Time to go and investigate …

Good luck in the midst of all these storms.


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