Strawberry Moon

09/06/2017 § 1 Comment

June’s full moon is called the Strawberry Moon.  I’ve been out, down to the headland overlooking Mounts Bay here in Cornwall tonight, but there’s thick cloud and a bit of drizzle in the air so it seems the full moon is shy tonight.

I’ve named my new crochet blanket Strawberry Moon as the colours are like crushed strawberries and cream (clotted of course), with blues and soft misty greys, warm reds and soft pinks.

Earlier on this evening before the drizzle set in, I took Strawberry Moon for a short walk from the seaside cottage where she’s been hooked up this week, to the harbour for some photos. She attracted quite a bit of attention!  I used Sirdar Aura in shades 130, 131 and 132  where the soft colours blend and flow through the yarn like the ebb and flow of the waves under a summer sunset.  A 6.5 hook and corner to corner crochet meant the first rows grew fast then as I reached just over 1.8m on the 2 sides, progress was slower but just as relaxing and enjoyable.

I’ve loved making this blanket that will forever remind me of my June holiday in Porthleven, when the Strawberry Moon hid behind the clouds but my memories kept me warm!


Feels like Spring …

04/03/2016 § 1 Comment

… is attempting to work her magic.

Our mornings are still chilly, the light sparkly frost on the rooftops and garden melting away as the bright rays of the sun slide seamlessly across the landscape. My snowdrops have had their winter’s moment of delight and the drifts are retracing their colour steps back to green – a different green from their eager January shoots – less vibrant, more sleepy – as they head back towards the earth.

Vibrant yellows are popping up – in the hedges, along the verges and in the neat cottage gardens.  Garden gates lay open beneath a clear blue sky, inviting Spring to wave her wand across the trees …

Spring daffodils


sunshine through the gate

Last week in my discovery of c2c crochet, I gathered some balls of fresh, soft multi coloured yarn and made a pretty little throw for my sofa …

c2c Spring throw WIP

here it is as a WIP

on my sofa with Gypsy Rose Afghan

Spring c2c blanket and a tapestry cushion

c2c Spring crochet with daffodils

Spring Blanket as I’ve named her, lives happily over the back of my lovely little green sofa, with the more famous Gypsy Rose blanket that I wrote about when I made it and has been my most popular post since I started blogging 4 years ago.   Does anyone recognise the little tapestry cushions? Remember Primavera tapestries?  I so loved them and stitched several though it’s a few years ago now.

Today, the sun streamed into the lounge and the bare branches of my White Birch tree in the garden appeared to reach up to feel the warmth of the sun in the beautiful blue sky.

Spring mantle

White Birch tree in my garden

A new month and new challenges – I have these fabrics lined up for new quilts and quilt kits – my target is 20 quilt kits and 2 little quilts.

Walk in the Park quilt fabrics

Walk in the Garden fabrics

I’m linking up with Finish it up Friday and Red Letter Quilts OMG (One Monthly Goal) so I’m hoping that 2 little quilts and 20 kits will count as one project!!

Let’s see what everyone else has finished – and is aiming to finish in March.

Happy Spring Days.


C2C crochet, a wool basket & a quilt

26/02/2016 § 2 Comments

Have you discovered c2c (corner to corner crochet) yet?

It’s brilliant – absolutely brilliant!

c2c crochet

And so simple.
I watched an internet clip that I can’t now locate, but there are loads of them on You Tube.  It took just a couple of minutes to learn how to start a new row and that’s it!

c2c crochet

I hooked up a cushion, using scrap yarn (mainly Debbie Bliss), in no time.  I used some variegated balls and some soft colours – I’m really pleased with how it turned out.

c2c crochet

As you can see, the cushion has been moved from one rocking chair to another and sits happily on either.  This is such a quick method of crochet and the little grey cells are able to concentrate on other things whilst the hook is doing its stuff!  Simple chain counting (6 at the beginning of each row) then 3 at the beginning of each cluster of 3 trebles (uk).  It’s an absolute breeze!

See the little basket for my wools?


Inspired by Crazy Mom’s Pixie Basket last week, I ran up a slightly larger one for my WIP wools.  I stitched some scraps together and started with two 6″ x 12″ pieces then added a pretty Susie Watson heavier weight cotton for the lining and used offcuts for the handles.  To add a bit of structure to the sides, I ran a line of stitching at the bottom seam on the two long sides.  It’ just perfect for moving a few balls of wool around as you do – in search of the perfect rocking chair!

Needless to say, the next c2c project is underway …

c2c crochet

And a little quilt has been finished …

Walk in the Woods Quilt

It’s a dear sweet little quilt called Walk in the Woods – perfect for a cot or over your lap. There’s an upcoming story about this and a few other quilts that I’ll share with you when all the details are finalised.

One more finish (to my home), thanks to Trevor-the-builder …

Remember a few days ago I couldn’t use my new back door?

new back door

raised deck

What a clever chap he is!  A raised deck with a handrail that I designed especially wide enough for a morning cuppa.  I love the way he used the cladding to cover up the old back door (on the right of the photo).

So, lot of finishes this week and I’m linking up with Finish it up Friday – which I love!

Happy Weekend everyone!

Adaliza x

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