Summertime – going, going …

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not quite gone!

Happy memories of a wonderful season here in Hampshire, my home in Wales, Devon, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire …


Last night on the weather forecast (which is really good for the weekend – yippee), the presenter said that for statistical purposes, summer ends tomorrow – 31 August.  But Mother Nature signals the passing of a season in so many more subtle ways than merely by a date.  The signs have been creeping up for a week or so.  From a few degrees of heat-loss throughout the day, dewy mornings, ripening fruit on the trees and bushes and our own special season indicator – our white birch tree.  This magnificent specimen which graces our lawn, and from which over the years, swings have swung, teenagers have huddled and ducks have nested (well one duck anyway), has developed a decidedly golden tinge – if I was painting in watercolours, there would be significantly more gold than green in the mix!

Tomorrow evening we’ll wave goodbye to summer and all that she has shared with us.  It’s been wonderful and I’ve loved every minute.  Autumn is my very favourite season of the year though I never quite know why.  The colours, I think are closest to my heart – auburn leaves, russet fruit and golden browns with a misty cloak drawn over magical mornings, sparkling cobwebs and the need to wear wools again, after weeks of cottons and linens.  Yes, I love the autumn.

I finished an amazing shawl/scarf for myself last week and will show you very soon.  I’m working on another one in the evenings as I simply love, love, love working with lace-weight yarn at the moment.  I haven’t yet photographed all the quilts I made over the summer, but I’ll have to get on with it as it’s the first fair of the Autumn in Winchester on Sunday.  The Vintage & Retro market will be in full swing so if you’re passing by, then stop and say hello.  I hope others will be looking forward to snuggling up and decide to treat themselves to a quilt!

Bye bye summertime, hello Autumn!


Misty Morning : all done

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I’m always amazed by how my creative urges are influenced by the seasons, the weather and my mood.  How I can enter the sweetie-shop excitement of a wool shop and on separate occasions,  feel the draw of completely different yarns and colours. Earlier this summer, I posted here about how I expected to embark on a vibrant and colourful summer crochet project, but felt drawn to the image in my head of misty layers across a valley.

Growing at a steady pace, throughout June & July, Misty Morning was all finished ready for our jaunts away in Dolly in the summer holidays.  Here she is …

On a perfect day in August, we stayed right beside the sea in mid-Wales – the Lleyn Peninsula just visible over the water.  At night, we slept snuggled beneath the warmth of what I think is my favourite blanket-make to date.  The special border that I’d planned did indeed take shape, when I spied the most delicious alpaca yarn at Carmarthen market.  The border wool cost almost as much as the rest of the blanket – but SOooooo worth every penny …

The yarn – rather drably named ‘Plum’ – is so soft and I crocheted the pineapples from memory, just chaining inbetween the pineapples to ensure the lace drapes softly.  What do you think?

Of course, no holiday in Dolly is complete without Ripple 1 coming along for the ride.

We stayed on a farm camp-site, near Aberdovey on a perfect day.  The site was very low-tech – just a field really, but with magnificent views out over the sea towards the mountains of Snowdonia and the mysteries of North Wales.  Firepits had been built from the local granite rocks beside the pitches and at night, the sea lapped onto the rocks below as the moon rose, the stars twinkled and families sat beside their camp-fires – magical.  Dolly enjoyed the view and I enjoyed some sewing by the seaside which is, indeed, one of my all time favourite things to do!

See the little train – just 2 carriages long – it travelled by rather sedately at the top of the camp-site.  We were neatly sandwiched between the cliff and the railway track and everyone stopped to wave at the tourists who rumbled by every hour or so throughout the afternoon!

Sewing by the sea …

This is my most perfect place ever to sit and sew with sunhat, very large cushion, couple of quilts underfoot and freshly bound little quilts hot-off-my-needle hanging up in the sunshine as they’re completed!  More on the summer quilts in my next post.  Happy memories.

See you later on in the week.

Adaliza x

Edited to add – more photos of Misty Morning …

Misty Morning - still going strong, Summer 2016

Misty Morning – still going strong, Summer 2016


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