Here come the girls …

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Morag and Bracken …

Highland Cattle

Highland CattleWhich is which?  Not a clue!

The hairy girls arrived at Farley Mount country park, just west of Winchester earlier in the year.  We’re almost daily visitors, with our own girls Belle and Misty the collies, and watched with some interest as a secure stock fence grew around the perimeter.  Notices appeared assuring dog walkers and everyone else who enjoys this fabulous open space, that there would be frequent gates and the cattle wouldn’t interfere with our enjoyment of the area.  I remained unconvinced for quite some while!

However, the girls arrived and are particularly docile creatures.  They’re unbothered by dogs or strange 2-legged creatures with clicky thing who say ‘Smile’ and silly stuff like ‘Say Cheese’!  They are part of a conservation strategy to protect and preserve this chalk grassland habitat which is home to over 30 species of butterfly.

Pitt Down

The scrub used to be cleared by hand, or topped with a tractor but the girls will now graze the area and keep the scrub bushes down.

Aren’t they pretty – in their own way!

Highland Cattle“On a mission – walking out, ignoring woman with clicky thing!”

Highland Cow“Wait for me!”

I feel inspired to make a cushion with a lovely cow-face, now!  Watch this space …

Adaliza x

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