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I forget which week we’re in now, but here goes …

  1. Feeling much better.  It was a case of kill or cure and I’ll share the recipe that I think cured me!
  2. Finished Carnival and Songbird – here’s just a taste.  Which one would you like to see Ta-Dah’d first?

Carnival – the most colourful crochet blanket in the world, I think!


Songbird – a quilt full of songbirds & Valentine hearts

3.   Seaside and sunshine – yes, we’ve just arrived in Cornwall and the sun has got his hat on!


Misty’s first paddle of the New Year!

4.   Anemones –  some of my very favourite Spring flowers, fresh from a little market stall in Truro on the way.


Now, for the cure-all recipe – I hope you like ginger!  You know that feeling?  Heavy, aching, very sore throat, hot then shivering – well, that’s how I was feeling a couple of days ago.  Very unhappy!  I sat back one evening and thought that if I listened to my sore throat, what would it say it needed – yes, I know it’s a funny thing to do, but I really, really didn’t want to be ill.  It said it needed GINGER and lots of it.

So I blitzed 2 mega pieces of root ginger with a splash of cider vinegar then added the paste to the remains of a jar of honey.  I popped in a few cloves then put the jar into a bowl and let it stand in boiling water, to melt.  I gave it a quick mix around and had a few teaspoons full (minus the cloves) and then decided it would be really good as a drink.  I dolloped a few teaspoons of the sticky, gingery, vinegary paste into a huge mug, added some just-off-the-boil water to about 3/4 full and then topped it up with some fruit juice – pomegranate – only because I like the colour!

I had loads and loads of these drinks and amazingly they seem to have worked.  We’ll see, maybe it’ll come back and get me, but for the moment I’m feeling so much better and I’m just off to walk the dogs on the beach.

Lots of crochet and quilt photos in the next couple of posts – stay tuned!

Adaliza x

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