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Have you noticed the “2014 Quilts” menu on the left of your screen?
I’ve been keeping a month by month quilting diary of the quilts completed each month.  This is July’s stack of 9 quilts:

Nine quilts completed in July

Nine quilts completed in July

From the bottom up ::

Summertime :: Love Nest :: Tuscany :: Summer Meadow :: Mazurka :: Little Giraffes ::
Campervans (with pinks) :: Retro Spaceships :: Campervans (without pinks).

More photos and chat here.


I’m in full production here now, for the Winchester Cathedral Christmas (YESCHRISTMAS) Market where earlier in the year I was dancing around when I heard my application for a log cabin stall in the British Crafts Village had been accepted.  There are so many applications for spaces and I was over the moon to have been given the chance to trade at such a super venue in Winchester.

I’m planning a cabin full of quilts and cushions with Christmas stockings and a few other seasonal makes too.  I’ve decided that I’ll have to close my order book early this year – traditionally I accept orders for Christmas quilts right up until early November – but this year I’m going to be strict so that I can build up my stock.

I have a few more orders to be getting on with before my stock-building can continue this week.  And I thought I’d be taking it really easy when I finished teaching a year ago!!!!!

Right – I’m off to do some cutting out in the sunshine on the patio.  It’s SOOOooooo good to be able to take my making outside and enjoy the warmth of the sun on my back.  I’ve enjoyed many happy sunshine sewing hours this summer – long may the warmth continue.

Hand-stitching the binding of a king-sized memory quilt, in the dappled shade of the apple trees.

Hand-stitching the binding of a king-sized memory quilt, in the dappled shade of the apple trees.

If you’re on holidays then have a wonderful time.

Adaliza x

Plans, plans …

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I may have been quiet, but I haven’t been idle!

I’ve been planning, designing, ordering, quilting and having lots of creative fun …

FAIR mosaic


Plans are afoot for some larger events this year – definitely maybe!  I’ve been gathering together photos of my past and present makes so I can sort out in my head what sort of stock I’ll need to have all made up and ready to go.

I popped out into the garden a little earlier today in a rare sunny spell, to mock up my stand and take some photos – well, talk about getting blown away!  No sooner had I set up the table, back-drop and stand and staggered out into the garden with armfuls of quilts, dodging dogs and duck underfoot, than a squally gust almost swept me off my feet.  I clung on tightly to my new needle cases and e-reader covers, and the towering stack of quilts, almost threw them in position on the table, stood back and clicked twice, then gathered up armfuls once again to get everything safely inside before it poured with rain.  Phew!

The resulting 2 photos are in the top row – middle and right.  I’ve made everything in those photos since Christmas and have a couple of draft ta-dah posts all ready to go – but missing the vital photos.  The weather – it’s been dreadful so we’ll have to wait a bit longer to see Romance, Lullaby, Acorn Wood, Barn Dance and Flower Girl quilts to have their moment.

Batten down those hatches and keep warm.  Winter hasn’t thrown off her cloak quite yet!

Adaliza x

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