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18/02/2014 § 9 Comments

it’s a funny old business, isn’t it?

I guess if you’re here reading this, then you must browse through blogs, or use twitter, or find an image on Pinterest that takes your fancy and follow the links back to find out more.  There are so many questions I’d like to ask you …

  • How did you get here?
  • Do you follow blogs?
  • Are photos important – what do you like to see?
  • What topics interest you?
  • What inspires you to leave a comment?

I tend not to follow blogs.  I bookmark them into a ‘Blogs’ folder and then when I have a spare few moments, I trawl through my list to see what everyone’s been up to.  Posts delivered directly to my email inbox don’t work for me.  I want to keep emails and blog posts separate.  Maybe it’s a throwback to my working days as I associate emails with working days when, as a teacher my time was constantly interrupted by messages popping up that had to be dealt with frantically between lessons or at the beginning or end of the day – it’s hard to break old habits and perceptions.

Visitors pop over here from all over the world – isn’t technology amazing? Today alone visitors from 12 countries have popped by –

Hello  Hallo  Hi   Guten Tag  Hola   Czesc

Thank you for coming to visit me


What shall I say today?

the weather :: rainy and dull;
the collies :: asleep (it’s still quite early);
Flora Puddleduck :: pecking at the back door;
my home :: quiet, lit by soft lamps, cool, still;
my mood :: serene, peaceful, calm;
my plans today :: ‘Melody Maker’ – pinned and quilted and maybe by this evening ready to sew around the binding edge;
trip out :: certainly a walk with the collies later on and maybe a jaunt to town, though I don’t need to buy anything;
cooking :: yesterday’s surviving home-made pasties but will they survive until tonight’s dinner?
Best take something out of the freezer!

That’s it – that’s life.  It doesn’t sound very exciting when I write it down, but I feel fulfilled and happy.  I’ll steal a few minutes every so often to pop by and read some other blogs and maybe leave a comment.  Rather like popping round to a friend’s house for a quick chat but without having to go out of my home.  I wouldn’t like to only have cyber friends – my blog and emails are a way of letting my friends know what I’m up to but it doesn’t take the place of a good chat with my friends when we meet up or chat online or gossip on the good ol’ telephone – do you remember when that was the only way to talk if you weren’t really there?  Remember letters?  I LOVE receiving a real letter, or card full of news.

So, if you do pop by here, please do say Hello.  What are your plans for today?  What projects are you working on, or planning? What are your thoughts on blogging?  Do let me know and have a chat!

Adaliza x


Secret ingredient for success …

27/09/2011 § 4 Comments

when making Apple Crumble!

Apple Crumble

It was a very successful apple crumble indeed!  By the time daylight had risen the following morning it had almost disappeared, so I dashed outside, crumble in hand, to take a quick snap before it all disappeared!

Let’s backtrack to the previous evening …

My best friend was coming round for supper and the Housework Fairy (all 6’3″ of him) was cooking up one of his stupendous curries.  I decided to reclaim at least one chopping board in the kitchen, and a saucepan and a shelf in the oven and whip up an apple crumble for pud!  Not exactly ‘whip’, more peel & rub & sprinkle!

We have bramley apples by the score here at the moment – I collect an armful whenever I pop down the garden to have a chat with Flora and then stack them up on a patio chair ‘cos I like the colours and it looks all bountiful and Autumny when I look out of the window!

As I was assembling said crumble, I rummaged for something or other in the cupboard and came upon my SECRET INGREDIENT.  A couple of generous spoonfuls were added to the crumble mix (OK, so you’ve discounted cloves and spices – these were big spoonfuls)!

When we’d finished our curry – absolutely delicious curry – we waited for a respectable few minutes before diving into the crumble. I made them guess what I’d added.

Friend – “it reminds me of something, sort of old-fashioned, great crumble – any more?”

HF – “lovely, is there any more?  Yes – I said it’s lovely, tastes just fine; is there any more?”

What do you think I added?  Here are a couple of clues … it sort of reminds me of bedtime when I was little;  it’s not too strong a taste but when added to a crumble it works perfectly – especially with apples I think!

If anyone guesses, I’ll tell all – if not, then it’ll have to remain a secret!!!!!  Go on, have a guess!

Adaliza x

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