Whimsical Woodland – a finished quilt

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A very special Ta-Dah moment and a walk in the woods …


Deep in a magical woodland, secretive creatures play beneath the branches, treading carefully to avoid the tiny flowers that bloom on the woodland floor.


Autumn hues glow amidst the blues and browns.
The very top of the leaf canopy catches the bright sunshine – vibrant green.


How many creatures can you see?
Foxes, hares, bunnies, birdies, squirrels and butterflies.
Tiny bird houses hang in the trees, laden with apples.


Magical paths wind between the blocks – free motion quilting – adding to the texture of the forest floor.

I’ve absolutely loved designing and creating this quilt – a commission for a little person who’s about to enter this world amidst the Autumn leaves.

So many thanks to new friends and visitors who have popped by over recent weeks from Crazy Mom’s Finish it up Friday.  I’ve so enjoyed visiting other sites and will try to leave more comments this week. I’m also linking up to Quilt Matters for TGIFF and there are some awesome quilts over there too.

It’s busy here at the moment – building works at home and never a dull moment!



I have a feeling it will be quite a few more Fridays before this project is finished up!!!

Thanks for popping by – do please leave a comment if you’re online and if you’re in Alton for the Makers’ Market tomorrow, then please say Hello.

Have a great weekend.

Adaliza x

Quilty catch-up

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Have you noticed the “2014 Quilts” menu on the left of your screen?
I’ve been keeping a month by month quilting diary of the quilts completed each month.  This is July’s stack of 9 quilts:

Nine quilts completed in July

Nine quilts completed in July

From the bottom up ::

Summertime :: Love Nest :: Tuscany :: Summer Meadow :: Mazurka :: Little Giraffes ::
Campervans (with pinks) :: Retro Spaceships :: Campervans (without pinks).

More photos and chat here.


I’m in full production here now, for the Winchester Cathedral Christmas (YESCHRISTMAS) Market where earlier in the year I was dancing around when I heard my application for a log cabin stall in the British Crafts Village had been accepted.  There are so many applications for spaces and I was over the moon to have been given the chance to trade at such a super venue in Winchester.

I’m planning a cabin full of quilts and cushions with Christmas stockings and a few other seasonal makes too.  I’ve decided that I’ll have to close my order book early this year – traditionally I accept orders for Christmas quilts right up until early November – but this year I’m going to be strict so that I can build up my stock.

I have a few more orders to be getting on with before my stock-building can continue this week.  And I thought I’d be taking it really easy when I finished teaching a year ago!!!!!

Right – I’m off to do some cutting out in the sunshine on the patio.  It’s SOOOooooo good to be able to take my making outside and enjoy the warmth of the sun on my back.  I’ve enjoyed many happy sunshine sewing hours this summer – long may the warmth continue.

Hand-stitching the binding of a king-sized memory quilt, in the dappled shade of the apple trees.

Hand-stitching the binding of a king-sized memory quilt, in the dappled shade of the apple trees.

If you’re on holidays then have a wonderful time.

Adaliza x

Alton Market Day …

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Saturday 12 July, Alton Town Centre
10 – 3 pm 
The Farmers’ Market is in town too!

Here are some of my goodies, going to market …

stacks of cushions

stacks of cushions


Who's been sitting in my chair?

Mummy Bear’s chair

Make yourself at home

put your feet up and RELAX!

one for the kitchen chair or windowseat

one for the kitchen chair or windowseat

a perfect wedding gift

a perfect wedding gift

if only!!!

if only!!!

definitely the motto for every summer's day

definitely the motto for every summer’s day

There are lots of quilts and pictures going to market too.  Do try to pop along and say ‘Hello’.

Adaliza x

PS  Please cross everything and wish for some sunshine.

Oh my goodness …

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just look who’s curled up on one of my quilts!

Annabelle and her quilt

Annabelle and her quilt

Baby Annabelle came into this world just over a week ago.  Her arrival was eagerly awaited by her lovely Mum and Dad and, strangely enough, by me!  We’re not related, but Annabelle’s Dad took a shine to one of my quilts many months ago, when he spied them on my stall in Winchester, way back on a windswept day in March.  We got chatting and then Annabelle’s Mum asked me to send her some photos of one very pretty quilt that had caught his eye.  It was a quilt that I’d called ‘Cariad’ – Welsh for beloved.

Cariad Quillt


Cariad Quillt

Cariad Quillt

I’d designed this quilt especially for a little girl – but I had no idea who she’d be.  I kept Cariad to one side until Annabelle arrived – if she’d turned out to be a little boy then we’d have had to have a rethink!  I added an embroidered name label with her birthday, on the day following her arrival, so she’ll always know it’s her special quilt.  It was with great joy that I rocked her in my arms when she was handed to me for a cuddle last Thursday morning, as I handed over the quilt to her proud parents.





Isn’t she absolutely beautiful?  I may have to borrow her for some quilt photoshoots as she grows up.  She could become the ‘face of Adaliza Quilts – now there’s an idea!

Thank you so much A’s Mum and Dad for allowing me to show the photos here on my blog and for the lovely testimonial they wrote:

“We bought our quilt as a special keepsake for our newborn baby girl, and it really is something she will be able to treasure forever. The care and creativity that has gone into the quilt is astounding and it really brightens up the nursery. Adaliza also really cared about making sure the quilt was right for us and her communication throughout was brilliant.”

“It was my pleasure. Cuddle up, Annabelle.  Keep warm and snug, little one!”

Adaliza x


If you go down to the woods today …

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be sure to pack your Teddy Bear Blue quilt!




It’s all twinkly stars with gingham check, stripe and polka dot teddies tumbling around in every block.

I’ve used my favourite white flannelette as backing and a lightweight wadding in the middle.  We want little people all snuggly, but not boiling over! The binding is a simple blue gingham which is just visible over on the left of the middle photo.  I’ve just this minute finished the hand-stitching around the binding edge – phew!  And all in time for the 101st Handmade Monday too.

Can’t resist one last (will we have more?) snow photo of the collies earlier in the week up at Farley Mount …

Snow Collies

Snow Collies

Enjoy your handmade week whatever’s on your needles, hook or cutting-out table.

I’m preparing a talk on Scandinavian quilting too.  I have Trine Bakke’s Scandinavian Quilt Style book already – it’s one of my favourites, really inspiring and achievable projects; but if you know of any other interesting source materials, I’d love to hear – I need to impress!  I’ll share all the details when I know more.

Have a lovely week.




Back into the swing …

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I’m back into patchwork and quilting again …

Sunflower Farm

Sunflower Farm

If you go down to the woods

If you go down to the woods

Sunflower Farm is now all pinned up and ready for quilting & binding.  I’ve chosen a soft pure white fleecy fabric for the backing this time.  I’m itching to experiment with some different quilting patterns – freemotion quilting in swirls I think!

If You Go Down to the Woods quilt is still being pieced together but I love the combination of twinkle stars & teddies and there will lots of white – my current ‘signature’ for all quilts at the moment!  Can’t wait to finish them.

Talking of which, I haven’t shown you my new gadgets yet …

Bias Binding gadgets

Bias Binding gadgets

These are nifty little devices that take all the huffing & puffing out of making your own bias binding – and save loads of £’s if you usually buy it!  I bought them here and I now have 4, in a variety of widths.  The 3 smaller ones came in a pack and I bought the huge one separately.  I use them on ‘straight-of-grain’ strips too as I don’t always need the extra stretch of bias cut.

They’re really easy to use …

Cut strips the desired width

Cut strips the desired width

Each gadget has the width of fabric on the top and it’s much easier to feed in if the end is cut into a point.

Push the end into the gadget

Push the end into the gadget

You can see that it curls round on both sides as it goes in.  I used a pointy tool (below) to encourage the fabric right through to the other side.  It went through very quickly and wasn’t at all fiddly.

Helping hand - use a pointy tool

Helping hand – use a pointy tool

Out comes the binding

Out comes the binding

Then, as if by magic, as you pull the pointy end, the fabric is beautifully folded.  It just needs to be ironed as it comes out and I pull it under the iron – make sure you don’t scorch your ironing board cover though!

Once it appears the other side of your iron, just pull it through slowly.

Once it appears the other side of your iron, just pull it through slowly.

Ta-dah - easy bindings

I haven’t finished a quilt since I bought these but I used them to make interesting strips for some patchwork cushions that I made at the end of last year and which promptly waltzed off to new homes before I’d had a chance to photograph them!

Do pop over to Wendy’s HandmadeHarbour to see what everyone else is up to in the dim & chilly days of mid-winter.  Winchester was buzzing and busy this afternoon when I popped in to see how the first Retro Market of the year was going.  It’s a new venture, to have markets on the first Sunday of January & February, and it looked as though it was going really well.  I decided to wait until March before starting up again – a chance to replenish my stock and develop some new lines!

Have a good week.


PS :: I’ve just noticed that this is my 250th post!  What a lot of blogging in almost 2 years – my 2nd anniversary is on 20.1.13!

Buttercup Farm and a Wildflower Meadow …

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We’ll make a start, down on the farm …

Buttercup Farm cot quilt


Buttercup the cow lives happily on a magical quilted farm with all her friends. There’s Percy the Pony, Petal the Piggy, dancing lambs and lots of ducks and chickens, too numerous to name.  Fields of bright folky sunflowers bloom all around the pastures and cheerful gingham farm tracks divide up the land!  The back is vintage striped flannelette, bordered with patchwork, a name label & date, to boot!

Buttercup Farm

What a pretty quilt, for a cot or chair in the nursery!




Then, there’s the Wildflower Meadow – a double-bed sized quilt that I have Soooooooo loved making …

(These photos are in a gallery, so click and they’ll open up much larger, so you can see all the stitch & pattern details).

I’m totally into free motion quilting and the difference in texture between the quilted vintage, pure white cotton and the bright florals really make this quilt sing – not too loudly, just a gentle lullaby! It’s so soft and drapey too- if that makes sense.

I’m working on another one as we speak (well not at this precise moment, cos I’m typing away whilst waiting for one of Flora’s eggs to hard-boil for a lunchtime sandwich)!  I’ve just treated myself to one of those wire egg cutter contraptions so I can have perfect, slim eggy slices – yum.  Have visions of a slippery egg flying across the kitchen – will let you know how I get on!

Winchester was lovely this morning – just for an hour, I wandered about the little streets, mainly avoiding the bustle of the High Street and weekend market.  The Cathedral was magnificent in the Spring sunshine and I simply enjoyed mooching around knowing that I live here.  Although sometimes I think my heart is still in Wales, I’m beginning to accept that after over 30 years, Winchester is feeling more and more like home!

Enjoy your weekend.

Adaliza x

End Note:  The egg slicer worked a treat.  Toothache is soul-destroying and I’ve been in agony for what seems like eternity, over most of the weekend. I’m waiting to hear back from a local dental practice to see if they can fit me in and put an end to my toe-curling agony.

I’m going to pop over later on to catch up with everyone on Handmade Monday, over at Wendy’s 1st Unique Gifts, to see it you can all take my mind off my toothache.

Have a good week everyone.


My first gallery show …

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Here it is …

Through the windows (love the reflection of the trees) …

I’m absolutely delighted with the space, light
and how it’s all worked out …

Oh, I did enjoy setting this up – the largest space I’ve ever worked in!  Not without its challenges as everything had to look appealing from outside as well as inside – totally different from my stand at fairs, where there’s a backdrop.  The teashop gets busy during the day and it was lovely to chat to people as I was setting up.

Just in case you’re passing, do pop in …

Adaliza @ Monteagle Gallery
Yateley, Hants
3 – 29 February 2012
Open 9 am – 4 pm weekdays
10 am – 2 pm Saturdays

The low sun set the sky on fire in the west, as I drove home through Alton and Alresford.  Dusk settled and village homes nestled snugly down for the night, smoke spiralling in the still chill with lights glowing softly behind tightly closed windows.  A magical winter’s evening following a wonderful afternoon.

Enjoy your weekend.

Adaliza x

Lazy Sundays …

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It’s a funny day – Sunday – don’t you find?

When I was young – fancy free and  – well, just generally footloose I guess, it was a funny day.  And now, with middle-aged contentment omnipresent, it’s still a funny day.  I remember grey, drizzly wet Sundays in Wales.  The pubs were all shut, the chapel timetable had to be adhered to – and I didn’t even go to chapel!  But trotting past on my pony, who would generally shy and create a scene when confronted by all the Sunday hats, was rather disapproved of, or so I felt!  So chapel times of arrival and departure were to be avoided. There was no farming activity, other than the stock to be fed.  No hay was cut or gathered in, even if a dry spell was forecast to break.

When our children were in school, there was the looming cloud of ‘school tomorrow’.  Friday night treats and Saturday’s freedom all forgotten, there was the trudge of clean washing & ironing and of course the dreaded homework to be finished.  The boys say that I’d plonk myself down after all the weekend’s happenings and reply – to whatever emergency presented itself – homework/uniform/cookery ingredients/cash requests  – “It’s Sunday night, and I’m trying to relax!”

I too had work in the morning and Sunday evenings were to be strung out for as long as possible.

I don’t know how people manage if they hate their job.  I love teaching and have been ‘back-in-the-saddle’ for an awfully long time now, since having a bit of a break while our three ‘under 4’s’ were under about 5!  I’d hate to have just 2 days off each week from a job that wasn’t fulfilling and a bit of a challenge at times.

Today’s Sunday though, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed.  It’s been a lazy, but fairly productive day.  We were thinking of going out for lunch, or getting an ‘English’ take away from a new place that’s opened nearby – traditional hot English meals to take home.  Well, I looked at the prices, which are actually not that extortionate, I decided very quickly that I could pop to the supermarket and feed us for at least 2 days for the same amount!

Roast chicken, loads of veg and a pineapple upside-down pudding with custard is on the menu for tonight.  Our eldest son has a bit of a bug, so my excuse is that he needs feeding up – in a good old-fashioned sort of way!  Tomorrow I’ll make some soup and we’ll have the leftover chicken and potatoes in a salad.

I spent ages doing some quilting this morning and pieced up another one too. I’m looking forward finishing them both (hopefully) for my gallery show in February.  You’ll have to pop back to see them in the week.  The one that’s almost done is called Meadowsweet!

Here are the lap quilts I finished earlier this week …

Dolly Daydreams

Farmyard Friends

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams - folk art hearts galore!

Hope you’ve enjoyed your Sunday and it leads you gently into a lovely week.  There are always some interesting and inspiring tales and makes over at Wendy’s Handmade Monday blog.

The bulbs are poking their heads up in the garden – Spring is just around the corner!

There are primroses in bloom outside the front door!

Adaliza x

PS – and dinner’s smelling just fine too!

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