Crochet Christmas Love …

26/12/2011 § 2 Comments

Last week I treated myself to a book from Marmalade Yarns in Frome …

I was literally itching to open it before Christmas, but ‘Himself’ had been handed the red paper carrierbag as I left the shop, with strict instructions to wrap it up very tightly – and hide it!

It duly arrived, safely down the chimney, yesterday morning and it’s a wonder the projects didn’t end up in the oven ‘cos I had it open with my cookery books in the kitchen all day, as I checked a few ingredient details whilst preparing the dinner!

Alpaca + Merino yarn
2 tsp cinnamon
4 mm crochet hook
slug of sherry

I couldn’t wait to pick up my hook and in no time at all last evening …


I made my first babushka!  I just love her little face and I bet each one will have a character all of her own.  Of course, they’ll have to have names too!

I can’t wait to make another one – or two – or have a go at some of the other projects from the book, all of which are beautifully photographed and inspiring.  Just love Boxing Day – no need to worry about food – there’s plenty of everything in the fridge and ‘Himself’ is off to footie so I have a whole afternoon to myself.

Oohhhhh – I love holidays!

Adaliza x

Crochet love …

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Hooky glam is all the rage …

Classic squares with flowers

Crochet has that retro 60’s/70’s vibe at the moment and it’s really making a comeback.  In those magazines from the 50’s, crochet was still about lacy collars, chair backs and tray cloths, but then in the 60’s granny squares grew into ponchos, tank-tops and bags.

Now, with the retro revival, vintage glamour and a resurgence of interest in ‘making’, crochet is back into the big time!

I still have to feel the wool though – acrylic yarn does nothing for me, in the hand.  It has to be pure wool or maybe with just a tad of something extra for easy washing.

4-ply hexi

Hexi cushion

Don’t you just love hexi crochet?  I used 4-ply yarn for these 3 projects – they took ages but are SO delicate.

Hexi glam

Summer colours above – all pinks & lilacs with a delicate green added in for a bit of a lift – it’s now a completed square, ready for a large cushion.  It hangs over the rail at the bottom of the bed so that I can see it when I wake up each morning – makes me feel happy!  I’m definitely not parting with this one!

Hexis and pom poms

How about this one for a classic combination then?  Hexis and pom poms, again all in 4-ply!  This one went off to live in a new home on Saturday – hope you’re enjoying it!

Pop back next week to see the most amazing yarn that I had shipped over from the States.  It’s the most beautiful wool that I’ve ever worked with and it’s a project that will take me months to complete – that’s part of the fun though isn’t it?

Have a great weekend

Adaliza x



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