A jaunt to the west coast …

24/02/2012 § Leave a comment

Sounds like fun!  A mixture of duty and trepidation, with a good dose of emotion added – just for good measure!

I’m hoping for …

some sunshine and a dose of some daffodil magic.  We’ll see …


Adaliza x

Three things …

03/01/2012 § 2 Comments

that made me smile today, despite all the wind and the rain …

Bulbs in bloom

Heavenly scented hyacinths & Quackers!

Flora in the garden

Flora Puddleduck

First daffs of the year

A vase full of Springtime

It was so dark that I had to keep the lamps on in the kitchen until well after breakfast this morning.  My first joy of the day though is the smell of hyacinths in the kitchen.  They’re blooming next to Quackers – a birthday present from a very good friend – as he sits on top of the bowl of fresh eggs. (Smile No 1)

Flora took refuge under a large shrub for most of the morning in the downpours, but by this afternoon when I came home from work, the skies were blue, with wispy clouds skudding across.  Quacking greeted me as she waddled up the garden to meet me – lore’ love-a-duck! (Smile No 2)

Daffodils – my country’s emblem flower – remind me of my home in Wales. (Smile No 3)

Happy Days …

Bloomin' lovely!


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