Midsummer sewing …

20/06/2013 § 4 Comments

I’m in love with my sewing studio …

art deco pincushion and Dartmouth swan

This morning, very early, I popped down to let Flora Puddleduck out of her hutch and couldn’t resist choosing a few red roses for the old coffee pot I mentioned yesterday.  What DO you think of that swan?  I found him in Sherborne a week or so ago and he had to come home with me.  He was made by the Dartmouth pottery – probably late ’50’s/60’s.  I’m no expert, but I do love him.

And in Wales, last weekend, I found his brother …

Dartmouth Swans & Mary Rose Young pottery


Isn’t he handsome? One day I shall have a mirror with all my china swans gliding across – one day.

I’ve been using my little pincushion – I’ll show you my makes tomorrow or maybe over the weekend.  The other addition to my studio is …

Roberts Zoombox2

My wonderful Dad asked me if I’d like a present, to mark the end of my full-time work, this summer.  Yes, I’m leaving my teaching job and will miss my lovely students but I know they’ll all be fine, and so will I!!!!!  Summer days will be (hopefully) spent outside in the sunshine, possibly jaunting in our Dolly-van and certainly in my music-filled studio at dawn, dusk and quite a few hours inbetween.  I knew immediately what I’d like – a new radio/CD.

“Get a good one” he said – so I did – it’s a Roberts Zoombox2!
“Thank you, Dad”.

It’s all shiny, new and digital.  Here’s what’s playing …

Roberts Zoombox2 playing ClassicFM radio

This morning already, I’ve enjoyed Rachmaninov, Grieg and a host of other classic greats with melodies softly filling my room.

Midsummer’s Day tomorrow – the Summer Solstice and I suspect one of our children will be at Stonehenge – probably the one time he’ll be up in time to see the sunrise!  Enjoy midsummer wherever you are.

Adaliza x




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