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06/06/2013 § 2 Comments

We jaunted down to Dorchester the other weekend, on one of the first beautiful, sunny days.  I’m scared to say how wonderful it is to have wall-to-wall sunshine for days on end, just in case I jinx it – but it is SUCH a joy.  With ‘taking it easy’ still a high priority, I’ve been fitting in an hour or so every day doing a bit of sewing in the sunshine!  Complete bliss!

Back to the jaunt – we visited a huge antiques emporium  and there I found a design classic …

Danish Retro Office Swivel Chair

Danish Retro Office Swivel Chair

I’ve been wanting another swivel chair for my studio ever since I gifted our youngest my red ikea chair last summer.  For a couple of weeks, since the studio revamp, I’ve been tottering on top of 4 cushions on the pink retro chair – but it wasn’t very practical.  My sewing machine is quite high on its desk, which is fine because it means I can actually see what I’m sewing, but I definitely need a chair that can move around and is a bit higher than the norm.

Don’t you just love this one?  The ticket said it’s probably Danish – I think most definitely Scandinavian.  It’s so sturdy and beautifully designed.  The leather is perfect and all that shiny chrome – it’s a dream come true!  Look at the styling on those castor covers – just like a retro air-stream caravan …

Retro Air-Stream Castors

Retro Air-Stream Castors

Now I can spin and swivel back and forth between cutting table and sewing machine, lean back for a little rest and have proper support for my back.  I have no idea about the manufacturer – have you ever seen one like it?  I’d love to know more about the designer – I’m sure it was quite expensive when new.  I paid the grand sum of £30 for it and reckon it’s worth every penny.

If you’re in Dorchester, have a browse in the Dorchester Curiosity Centre – leave yourself plenty of time, it’s a maze of units spread out in the hugest space I’ve ever seen.  There’s a great coffee shop there too – I recommend the pate & toast!

Have you been out and about in the sunshine?


PS – I’ve just listed some super 1964 barkcloth cushions featuring Noddy over at my Adaliza Etsy shop.  They’re expensive, ‘cos the fabric is so rare, but I’m hoping they find their way to some new homes very soon.  My Secret Garden quilt is off to live in Oz!

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