Delightful Dorset …

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and a-jaunting we will go …


from the high ground above Studland Bay you can see right over to Poole harbour and Brownsea Island, on a clear day

the view from our balcony, over Swanage Bay

the view from our balcony, over Swanage Bay

Old Harry Rocks

Old Harry Rocks

Studland Bay

Studland Bay

Durdle Door

Durdle Door


the ‘Door’ – a natural limestone arch


evening high tide at Lulworth Cove

high evening tide at Lulworth Cove

beautiful clinker-built dingy

beautiful clinker-built dingy

and a taste of my next post

and a taste of my next post … little homes in the Springtime

My great friend and I spent the weekend jaunting around Dorset, exploring all around from our base at Swanage Bay.  After what seems like weeks of unbroken sunshine here in the south of England, the high pressure decided to desert us for the weekend, but the sea mists and occasional shower didn’t affect our trip one bit.  We visited some favourite west country towns – Shaftesbury, Sherborne and Bridport – before meandering along the coast with stops at pretty villages that took our fancy.  Much cake was consumed on these frequent breaks in our day!!!!  At Lulworth Cove, we enjoyed a simple but quite delicious early evening meal at the Lulworth Cove Inn – we both had small portions as we were still quite full of cake – and the little home-cooked steak and ale pies with veg were outstandingly good.  If you’re visiting the area, make sure you book a table – we just happened to be very lucky and were fitted in as we were quite early.

So many fabric treats came home with me – and another chair!  When my daughter phoned to make sure we were back I said “Guess what?”  and she said, straightaway “You’ve bought another chair!”  I’m obviously boringly predictable.

More photos of the prettiest little cottages in Sprintime, and a Scandinavian design rocking chair next time – and apple blossom in the garden!

What did you get up to at the weekend – what’s in bloom in your garden? Do join in and leave a comment – it’s so interesting to hear about your adventures.

Adaliza x

Wonderful weekend …

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Dorset - Sherborne, Weymouth & Woolbridge

Dorset – Sherborne, Weymouth & Woolbridge Manor

Some Happy & Smiley moments from my weekend – we’ve been jaunting in Dorset!

We stayed last night in Sherborne and today’s bright sunshine & clear skies were a welcome change from yesterday’s downpours.  One not so happy smiley moment was when my waterproof boots sprung a leak – ugh!  I hate having cold wet feet but in fairness, the rain was torrential and they were overwhelmed!

I popped out this morning, to take some photos in the grounds of the Abbey …


Sunflower Farm

Sunflower Farm

I finished hand-sewing the binding edge on Sunflower Farm Quilt yesterday and took Carnival with me for ‘something to work on’!  I do get some funny looks when I whip a huge crochet blanket out of my shopping bag and start taking photos!

So – for my 4 things that made me Smile and feel Happy this week:

The Cerne Abbas Giant (in the top collage) – ‘Girls, you just have to smile’!!!
If you follow the link, you’ll see why in much more graphic detail than in my photo!

Being reminded of Wales, by the pub sign at the Plume of Feathers pub in Sherborne

Seeing winter walkers on the beach in sunny (if very chilly) Weymouth at lunchtime

Taking some photos of Woolbridge Manor in Dorset
My husband’s favourite aunt used to live there, when she worked at the Manor as a girl

That’s about all from me for today.  I love a good jaunt and I treated myself to half a yard of pretty fabric & 2 CK cake tins that were in a sale, so all in all a really happy weekend to remember.

 Pop over to Wendy’s Handmade Monday, over at the Handmade Harbour, to see what else everyone’s been up to.

Will we have snow?   I SOOooooooo hope so!!!!!

Adaliza x

Well, Hello Dolly …

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Dolly has been waiting for quite some time to make her grand entrance.  There’s no getting away from the fact that she was an ‘impulse’ buy!  We stopped to think about it for 24 hours but the damage had already been done, we’d been mesmerised by the dream, the freedom, our lost youth, life on the open road …

Yes, some while ago we bought a campervan, although I think Dolly would rather be called a motorhome!

Here she is …

We decided to take things easy for our first trip – just one night away, with the collies.  On the most perfect evening on Friday, we drew into a lovely campsite called Wood Farm.  I think they put all the middle-aged dog-owners in campers & caravans in the same place – suffice to say, Dolly and her incumbents were not alone, nor out of place!  We tried to look as though we knew what we were doing!

I was amazed by the ‘kit’ on display in neighbouring berths – plastic wine glasses with serviettes & tablecloths, sophisticated clothes driers, revolving satellites and designer dogs! We rather showed ourselves up when it came to unveiling (should that be unfurling?) the awning – ours drooped rather sadly and then almost took off in the breeze.  Other peoples’ canopies seemed unbothered and stood like thoroughbreds, proud and taut!

We unpacked our patio chairs (from ikea) and I set up a makeshift table, with a spare shelf on top of a couple of tiny camping seats – I hadn’t brought a tablecloth, but there were napkins!  We dined on homemade sausages from a butcher in Bridport, with salad and rolls. For pudding – you know you HAVE to have pudding when you’re camping – I’d bought some slabs of Dorset Apple Cake and a tin of Devon custard!  Camping is very hungry work!

Our collies were tethered to the bike rack – designer mutts were staked to twisty things and could be moved quite easily!  BUT – we were the only ones with a genuine Welsh blanket for our collies – oh YES! OK, so it’s old and has a few holes, but it is the real thing – lucky, lucky collies!

The night passed into day, dogs were walked at dawn (to avoid meeting any other people or dogs), we breakfasted at 6 am on ham rolls and hot tea. Then – utter bliss, we went back to bed for a lovely nap in the cool morning air.

Ripple and Rose came with us and I finally gave in (read on, you’ll see what I mean)!

Lyme Regis beckoned once we’d hit the road this morning and we arrived at exactly the moment the Jazz Festival Parade hit the streets.  We could hear them, but the sight evaded us as we sat in Dolly in a long queue!  Large vehicles & Lyme don’t really go together so we stopped at a hilltop car park where Himself decided that he’d wait with the girls, whilst I embarked on the long walk into town.  Then …

I spied a life-saver! This wonderful Italian taxi gave us the best lift into town (collies and all) and then picked us up (shopping in the boot)!  Did I say shopping – you’ll have to wait to see what treat came home with us. I just bought the ONE THING in Lyme, to forever remind me of our first trip away in Dolly (next time, I promise).

We sampled the delights of the best coffee shop – Town Mill Bakery and I managed to fit in a lightning browse in a few lovely shops.

 Now then, did I say I’d given in?

 After our dawn walk, I relented – as a very special treat for being good, Belle joined me to snuggle up with Ripple & Rose!
Talk about the lap of luxury!  I think Belle likes going away in Dolly (and so do I)!

Happy Days!

Adaliza x

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