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nov - rose

It may be the last rose of the year and it’s a real beauty, if a rather lonely little bloom. Yesterday, in the garden, two tree surgeons came along to declutter the middle of the White Birch tree and take down the Walnut.


Nov 3rd 1


I planted the walnut over 25 years ago, having bought it as a tiny plant in a yoghurt pot!  I’ve grown another one from one of the walnuts so will plant that up to replace the rambling, huge tree that had outgrown the space here.  The garden seems so much bigger and lighter and when the morning mists clear, the sunshine is lovely and warm.

I’ve also been quilting …

Jewels is a vivid quilt that combines a pretty Liberty paisley with some stunning solid colours.  I love it and will take it out to some talks that I’m giving next week.

Another Christmas Table Centre has been completed too …

table centre pink1

Pinks and aqua blue with flashes of green and orange make this a very jolly affair. The colours are so fresh and it could be used for other festivals too.

One of my students has just finished her first sampler quilt …


I do so enjoy welcoming students to my Garden Studio and this student has a very good eye for colour choosing greens and blues and purples with a bright turquoise binding .  The sampler blocks include a simple 9-patch then HST stars, on to log cabin blocks and finally stitch and flip squares.  What fun!

It’s my birthday on Sunday so I’m going out for a Sunday roast with a friend and J2 who’s visiting for the weekend.  I might even bake a cake – then eat it!!!

Enjoy the 5th November and all the fireworks.


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A quilt for my studio …

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my new sewing studio

Here’s my sewing studio – it’s in the extension that Trevor-the-Builder built up on top of our kitchen.  Up the steps is the little bedroom and the archway is where the window used to be.  It’s been up and running since before Christmas and there’s more lots to show you but I’ve been itching to make a “quilt for me”. In the run up to the festive season and for a few weeks since, the sofabed that’s placed in front of the patio doors (somewhere to sit and read/sew/listen to music/mull over new ideas), was draped in a couple of bright little festive quilts.  I wanted a quilted cover to throw over the chair that can also be used as a quilt on the rare occasions this extra bed is used for sleeping.

When the roof was replaced I asked T-t-B to save the ridge tiles from the old roof.  They’re so beautiful …

ridge tile

ridge tile

ridge tile

The colours of these tiles are amazing – deep reds, vibrant yellows, mossy greens and pale almost ghostly lichens. The last 2 photos show them next to my alpine garden.  The ridge tiles have crowned the roof since the early 1950’s when the house was built.  I wanted to echo those colours and capture recent  moments when this home of hours is having the make-over of its life …


ridge tile quilt

evening light - cosy and warm

ridge tile quilt

ridge tile quilt

I’ve called this quilt Ridge Tiles.  What do you think? The reds are a little more red than the tiles but you know me – I LOVE REDS!

Whilst mooching around the garden, quilt over my arm looking for photo opportunities, I snapped a few other Spring blooms and my ever-increasing, wondrous ball of apple-tree mistletoe …

mistletoe in my garden

winter cherry blossom

oohhhh – I feel another quilt coming on in those Spring blossom and sky colours!

What inspiration do you have when choosing a project?

I’m linking up to Crazy Mom’s Finish it up Friday and looking forward to seeing what everyone’s been making (and finishing)!  Thanks to all of you who pop over – lovely to meet you!!

Have a great weekend – Adaliza x

Walk in the Park – Quilt Commission

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When someone commissions a patchwork quilt, it’s the beginning of a journey …

They have a picture in their mind of a patchwork quilt …

I don’t know what they’re seeing …

We chat and I try to capture their mind’s picture …

quilt fabric swatch

pinks and a farmyard

quilt swatch 2

trees and blues with oranges and a touch of red

quilt swatch 3

we’re almost there with this one using the tree fabric as the focus for the quilt

We started chatting about farmyards then colours and the fabric that I’ve named Walk in the Park won over, so I collected some additional pieces over the summer that I thought would co-ordinate well with it.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve worked quietly and consistently on a quilt for a very special little girl and here’s the moment it all came together …





those final couple of photos, taken outdoors look a bit ‘washed out’ – in fact the quilt colours were strong and it was a melody of blues and greens with pinks and soft pumpkin hues all flowing through the patchwork.

I really loved making this quilt – I loved working with those colours and the baby girl, in her mother’s arms couldn’t stop staring at the colours when the ribbon was untied and she first saw her quilt.  I hope her quilt, complete with her name embroidered on the front, will become a memorable part of her homelife as she grows up.

I’m teaming up with finish-it-up Friday over on crazy mom quilts and am looking forward to strolling around to see what everyone else has finished.

Enjoy the weekend

Adaliza x

Edited to add – J’s testimonial and feedback on her commissions:

“I wanted to give my niece and daughter a special quilt which they could learn to crawl on and would keep for years but I’m useless at sewing so I couldn’t do it myself. Adaliza asked me to suggest themes which would mean something to the children. I chose the seaside for my niece (because she lives on the coast) and ‘a walk in the park’ for my daughter. Adaliza was extremely sensitive to the colours and styles I wanted and sent lots of pictures of fabrics and colour combinations to choose from. She even looked for new fabrics to enhance the effect.

Adaliza created stunning, dynamic quilts which have a wide range of patterns and images to enjoy and talk about. They are genuine works of a art with a bright, fresh feel, which the children can interact with and play on for years. She also designed and made an embroidery cushion for my cousin’s wedding which marked their occasion in a non-sentimental way which felt right for them and a small personalised cushion for a friend’s daughter which I was proud to give.

 She was professional to work with, produced flawless work and encouraged me to feedback openly so the process felt creative and exciting. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to give a special, individual present which is good value, unique to them and genuinely comes from the heart.” JG

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