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09/09/2021 § 2 Comments

What a great read. Newly published author Buck Starmer writes beautifully, conjures up images with his words and asks thought-provoking questions. Reading his work is like trying on a series of lenses to reveal new insights that result from making the familiar world strange. He often writes about characters on the edge to hint at what is wrong with human nature. Individuals are searching desperately for meaning in a meaningless world. A world full of dishonesty, self-interest and incompetence. This book is the whole of Series One under one cover. It includes

Ubiquitous Masquerade – A collection of short stories exploring the themes of alienation, the search for personal-authenticity and the ultimate nature of humankind.

In the Court of the One-Eyed King – The story of one man’s journey to find truth and meaning in a world with seemingly little genuine regard for either. Confronted with one existential crisis after another, he is eventually forced to take a deep look into his own psyche as well as that of those around him.

Do not Feed the Clowns – A woman is plagued by a deep and debilitating fear of clowns. Frustrated by the lack of personal authenticity in those around her, she struggles to come to terms with her condition in the face of obstacles presented at work, at home and by her friends.

They’re all available on Amazon – the link is here.

Buck Starmer is a new author and clearly writes from his experiences working in the psychiatric sector – fascinating insights and wry humour. I did enjoy them. What do you think? They’re all available as paperback copy (which I bought), or as Kindle downloads.

Life in Wales continues to provide new experiences, wide open beaches, leisurely walks with the dogs and friends – new and old. Life’s definitely a journey of discovery …

Adaliza x

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