100 Handmade Mondays …

20/01/2013 § 8 Comments

Break out the champagne & bunting, balloons & streamers …

it’s Handmade Monday and it’s very special ‘cos it’s Wendy’s 100th Handmade Monday!


Congratulations!  Many thanks, Wendy, for hosting all of us over at the Handmade Harbour and giving everyone the chance to meet up and compare makes, recipes & ideas.

My week has been busy (and snowy):

Happy:Smiley Wk 3 moments

Snow Day

Flora’s Snow Day

Here’s to the next 100!!!

Adaliza x

Back into the swing …

06/01/2013 § 20 Comments

I’m back into patchwork and quilting again …

Sunflower Farm

Sunflower Farm

If you go down to the woods

If you go down to the woods

Sunflower Farm is now all pinned up and ready for quilting & binding.  I’ve chosen a soft pure white fleecy fabric for the backing this time.  I’m itching to experiment with some different quilting patterns – freemotion quilting in swirls I think!

If You Go Down to the Woods quilt is still being pieced together but I love the combination of twinkle stars & teddies and there will lots of white – my current ‘signature’ for all quilts at the moment!  Can’t wait to finish them.

Talking of which, I haven’t shown you my new gadgets yet …

Bias Binding gadgets

Bias Binding gadgets

These are nifty little devices that take all the huffing & puffing out of making your own bias binding – and save loads of £’s if you usually buy it!  I bought them here and I now have 4, in a variety of widths.  The 3 smaller ones came in a pack and I bought the huge one separately.  I use them on ‘straight-of-grain’ strips too as I don’t always need the extra stretch of bias cut.

They’re really easy to use …

Cut strips the desired width

Cut strips the desired width

Each gadget has the width of fabric on the top and it’s much easier to feed in if the end is cut into a point.

Push the end into the gadget

Push the end into the gadget

You can see that it curls round on both sides as it goes in.  I used a pointy tool (below) to encourage the fabric right through to the other side.  It went through very quickly and wasn’t at all fiddly.

Helping hand - use a pointy tool

Helping hand – use a pointy tool

Out comes the binding

Out comes the binding

Then, as if by magic, as you pull the pointy end, the fabric is beautifully folded.  It just needs to be ironed as it comes out and I pull it under the iron – make sure you don’t scorch your ironing board cover though!

Once it appears the other side of your iron, just pull it through slowly.

Once it appears the other side of your iron, just pull it through slowly.

Ta-dah - easy bindings

I haven’t finished a quilt since I bought these but I used them to make interesting strips for some patchwork cushions that I made at the end of last year and which promptly waltzed off to new homes before I’d had a chance to photograph them!

Do pop over to Wendy’s HandmadeHarbour to see what everyone else is up to in the dim & chilly days of mid-winter.  Winchester was buzzing and busy this afternoon when I popped in to see how the first Retro Market of the year was going.  It’s a new venture, to have markets on the first Sunday of January & February, and it looked as though it was going really well.  I decided to wait until March before starting up again – a chance to replenish my stock and develop some new lines!

Have a good week.


PS :: I’ve just noticed that this is my 250th post!  What a lot of blogging in almost 2 years – my 2nd anniversary is on 20.1.13!

On your bike …

01/10/2012 § 7 Comments

or maybe, your moped!

I’m SO excited by this fabric.  I bought just a little of it in Bath on Saturday and the panels are magnificently detailed, black & white images of mopeds – or Vespas.

I decided to stay with the monochrome theme and have used pure wools – one check and the pure black to provide what I hope is a suitably stylish backdrop for a super stylish scooter!  A bit of sparkle, in the silver ric-rac braid just completes a very retro cushion.

Let’s have a closer look …

What do you think?

There are lots more panels and I’ll probably stray from monochrome at some point, but at the moment – I’m loving it!

So, on your bike and pop over to Handmade Harbour where Wendy is hosting another Handmade Monday.

Have fun!





Busy weekend?

13/05/2012 § 15 Comments

Since the excitement of the big reveal of Ripple One on Friday – click here if you missed the BIG moment – life has been busy, busy over the weekend.

At last, we have enjoyed some sunshine.  In Alton yesterday, the Art & Craft Market was in full swing and once again, I met some lovely friends, loyal customers and new people to chat to.  I hope you all enjoy your Adaliza gifts and treats!

Our daughter arrived home and we went for a celebratory meal on Friday evening – a new job in London beckons! She, however, had an ulterior motive for popping home – she wants to do patchwork! So she came with an empty case, and returned with a sewing machine, threads, fabrics, pins and needles + a cutting mat and rotary cutter and lots of ideas.  She then, after returning to London, sent a photo  at 3 am in the morning of an almost completed cot quilt – a present for a friend!  She certainly seems to have ‘got the bug’!

To answer a few questions I’ve had about the yarn for Ripple – I started with a few odd balls of DK and bought more from anywhere and everywhere as I went along.  I was amazed how different DK can work out, but Ripple was very good natured and didn’t seem to mind what colour or make came next.  The only criteria was that it had to be pure wool – that’s including alpaca etc, which I absolutely love.  I made up the colour waves as I went along, occasionally planning a couple of rows ahead, which seemed to work.  I was far too impatient to write anything down, or make a proper plan!

Today, I’ve spent an hour or so planning more cushions and makes for the coming week – trying to get organised so that I can pick something up to work on in every spare ‘window of opportunity’.  My stock is somewhat depleted so I need to replenish! I’ll probably be a bit quiet this week and then show you what’s going to be on offer at the end of the week.  That’s because next weekend is Art & Design in Winchester – oh yes, 3 fairs in a month!  I’m calling it ‘Madness in May-time’!!!

Do pop by to see what’s happening at Handmade Monday over in its new home in Handmade Harbour.  I was very bad at commenting last week – sorry, I don’t know where last week went!  Will try to do better this week!

Enjoy your week – keep on making!

Adaliza x

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